1. Wow! I’m guessing it feels buttery soft and writes smooth like glass?

  2. Yup, it's a very smooth nib. It just makes me want to write

  3. If I ever buy one again it wil be a fine or extra fine, broad is fun to use but not that practical. The ink is pilot iroshizuku kon-peki.

  4. I do love the design of the replaceable lamy gold nib. It looks classy, functions well, and it's compatible and swapable with a huge portion of the lamy line.

  5. Could you compare both nib? I want to have both like you did.

  6. Both are F size. The safari nib is very smooth amd has a little bounce. The lines it produces are a little thicker and wetter than the steel nibs. The 2k nib is wet, but because of the size i don't find it has that much bounce. It still is a very smooth writer though.

  7. Probably a Pilot VP with a F nib. The pen can be used every day and swapping the nib unit is easy.

  8. Two hooded nib cartridge converter Parker's - might be an interesting compare and contrast there that you could write for us after you have got to know the pens. Is the Parker 51 (2021) better described as the success to the Parker 45 :-)?

  9. That's a good idea! I might post a follow up next week when i have used both pens more.

  10. Beautiful! Do you see the barrel date code? It is under the

  11. The fountain pen was assembled at Tokyo Factory, March 7, 1960. Rare.

  12. Out of curiosity, did you eat the set after the photo shoot?

  13. Sadly it is. I recently received this bottle and i hope it will last a good while.

  14. The middle one. (Parker Sonnet). I like that one the most because of the classic look and it feels well made.

  15. Haha thanks! That's the crab aquarium even, houses micro crabs lol

  16. I have a couple pens that i rotate through. Currently i'am using a Lamy Safari with a 14k F nib. Otherwise i would carry a Parker Sonnet.

  17. That is a very nice bokeh you have inthe background.

  18. So pretty! What nib size is it? M or F?

  19. Thank you. I always wondered that. I don't know about yours but my EF Safari nib is scratchy as heck straight out of the box too

  20. Mine is not too bad, it's kinda enjoyable sometimes.

  21. Jumping in to say that I’m happy you went to the trouble of getting a gold nib for your safari! I have a deep love for these pens. Who cares if they’re “cheap” — with a beautiful nib they are some of the best. 🙌🏽

  22. Actually Appelboom sells this pen with the gold nib and it comes the the more luxurious box. But yeah, I find safari's so much fun to write with.

  23. No, mine does not do that. Maybe the grip is not fully screwed in?

  24. A Pilot fan I see. What is your favourite pen?

  25. Welcome to the hobby! The Safari is a good choice. I like the red color.

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