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  1. Over the weekend I had some homegym space gains. I got rid of a large entertainment center that was taking up a good bit of floor space and I mounted the TV on the wall. I have a tall shelf coming in tomorrow to store all the TV and computer stuff underneath. With the shelves on the back wall getting all my rack accessories off the floor and my trap bar mounted on a wall hook, there is so much more room for activities!

  2. I cut the cord from Cox on Friday! Now I use as my provider for fiber internet and it’s fantastic so far! AND cheaper!

  3. I get what you're saying, at the same time I'm like psych isn't that far away from here.

  4. Right, since I’ve heard some people outside the Smithsonian Nat History Museum in DC talk JUST LIKE THIS.

  5. Ain’t even pro-birth. If they were… They’d fund free prenatal care. They’d be against ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages (since helping women get over these tragedies and medical emergencies would mean more healthy babies being born). They’d give stipends to pregnant women to eat better. They’d hold free classes for child CPR, and lamaze, and general parenting. They’d make pregnancy parking spaces. They’d offer free (or at least steeply discounted/subsidized) IVF to those struggling to conceive.

  6. I teach elementary and this hits a bit too close to home. Once had a new student who displayed about every single bad behavior within two weeks of enrolling so I called home about it.

  7. I bet she also expected you to make him a fucking Einstein.

  8. Reminds me of a guy in the dailies I think who said he’d been running BBB, BtM etc and didn’t see muscle gain but he was like 140lbs.

  9. LMAO bulking is like half of those programs. What a dummy.

  10. Agreed but I can see how it could happen. Insurance companies are stupid. I have an HMO plan through Anthem and it’s been nothing but hell. Anthem has told me to go to multiple providers that are in-network but then I call ahead or arrive and the provider says they don’t take my insurance. I go back to Anthem and get a rep to say and put in writing “go to this doctor at this location and no matter what their office says it will be covered by Anthem” but low and behold another 30+ days have gone by and Anthem has rejected yet another claim that now needs to be appealed. It’s a total joke.

  11. As someone that has to argue with insurance all day as part of my job, insurance companies are no longer pretending to give a shit about patient care. They hire people off the street that cannot pronounce the diagnosis of the patient they are denying treatment to, and it is clear they are not being paid enough to care. The game is also a form of pass-the-buck to the next redundant middleman company that says they are not responsible for paying for treatment.

  12. Unironically one of the most underrated movies of all time. I can't stop telling people about it because it taught me about strife and fear as a child.

  13. I’m out of the loop here. Am I to understand that Babe 2 is like super good? I’ve never seen it, obvs.

  14. How can you tell if someone's from Texas?

  15. Everyone knows that Cowboys fan that wears Cowboys gear from head to toe (and on their truck) and is a humongous asshole.

  16. I feel like it’s non conforming to be non conforming if that makes sense? Like I’m 50000% a liberal but damn If I can’t just have a conversation anymore online lol.

  17. Right? No need to make it your whole damn personality.

  18. Just did a 2k on the rower and now my throat feels dry and tight. I guess going hard doing cardio during the worst days of my seasonal allergies really gives me a peak preview of what people with asthma must feel like and damn that fucking sucks. I'm supposed to do my biggest workout now on SBS2 hypertrophy and it's going to fucking SUCK ASS. Deadlift sets of 10 fuccccck meeeeee!

  19. I once did some BTN presses at an LA fitness and I thought the guy was going to have conniptions. Same fella that accosted me and my then-fiancé about me “personal training without authorization” when we both had memberships and I was showing her how to lift. That experience put her off being in a gym at all and has not been in one since.

  20. My work schedule has gone from 8 hour shifts in a 7am to 7pm window to straight days 8:30-5. So I’ve changed programs to Greg’s high-frequency training program. Squat, Bench, and deads 5 days a week. Big change from Benching the Monolith, but I really like it so far. Light yard work planned this weekend and relaxing a bit.

  21. Due to the drop in subscriptions, Netflix fired some of its executives and killed some of its animation projects, one of which was the Bone comic adaptation.

  22. Ads? Yep, I’m canceling. Back to sailing the digital seas.

  23. I have never done a DNA test, but I look just like him except for the fact that I have red hair as opposed to his blonde hair. I guess he and my mom just slept together in the dark. He couldn't be in the room when I was born because my mom had a c-section. I don't understand how he was with my mom for so long without knowing her biology. He also used to change my diapers, but I guess he just didn't pay attention. If and when I ever get a partner, I will inspect their body thoroughly because I believe it's important to familiarize yourself with your partner/children's bodies just incase of rashes, moles, and other skin ailments.

  24. My wife had c-sections for both of our kids, I was in the room for both. The important part is that you are doing a great job of educating your father through his own ignorance.

  25. They all think they have so much to offer, too. It's so bizarre.

  26. The internet is teaching them something that our generation learned long ago: you are neither original or interesting.

  27. I made it a point to not put any shirtless pic on my Tinder and simply look huge enough when clothed so that I cannot be mistaken for someone who doesn't lift.

  28. exactly. I was christian before, then I decided to read the bible. now I'm an atheist.

  29. As a child I got to Job and thought “God is an asshole.”

  30. It's always sad when right wingers try to be funny.

  31. Yea but the first step in your plan (talking to/becoming friends with women) requires the second part (learning they are not scary succubi).

  32. You won’t catch me commenting in there. I think they’re falling in to a fairly common trap where they assume that because the jacked guys they know have girlfriends that’s the secret and after that it’s easy instead of, you know, still having to put the work in

  33. I did my best with women and got a girlfriend (now wife) AFTER I did a lot of internal self work and BEFORE I got muscles. But you can’t tell dudes that and have them believe it.

  34. It’s funny, the Egyptian, Norse, and Greek gods were what I learned about long before I was ever introduced to Christianity, and I just found it so boring and colourless in comparison. I couldn’t believe that was the one they chose to go with.

  35. The real shit in the Christian Bible is more fucked than interesting. Norse mythology is WILD.

  36. I got in trouble for asking my Sunday school teacher why her god was real and Thor wasn’t.

  37. Oof, yeah about that. Rational questions like that are seen as insubordination.

  38. I made a provocative comment and everyone blew up as I wanted.

  39. “I acted like an asshole. As my genius predicted, people called me out on it. I’m a master manipulator.”

  40. I lost over 200 karma because of this, please show some sympathy 🙏

  41. For those familiar with the show Bluey, (likely parents of young children, but it holds up for all ages really) we had a “Stumpfest”. One dull chainsaw chain, 2 dull axes, and a bent 70” pry bar later the magnolia stump that has been sitting since hurricane Ida is now chopped into manageable pieces that my 5 year old can carry.

  42. Ok, but did you make a temporary nail salon and get yelled at by your drunk wife?

  43. DUDE. That show is supposed to be a “kids show” but it fucking rocks!

  44. I get strong "I need to be a superheavyweight to deadlift 600 lbs" from this thread lol

  45. Candy-asses in there freaking out about a new, underweight lifter gaining 50lbs in two years without steroids. WTF?

  46. Yup. I think its technically not considered a sport or something, so they get away with almost no precautions and often little training for the coaches.

  47. Also if it were a sport they would have to do something about the super high injury rates.

  48. “I would have gotten into med school if it wasn’t for the MCAT”….kind of like saying I’d be playing in the NBA except I’m short, slow, can’t dribble and can’t shoot.

  49. Is someone gonna tell him how long a shift is? If he lacks the mental fortitude to last 7-8 hours…

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