1. Ask to get tested for Hashimotos. They need to check antibodies.

  2. That's sounds like anxiety to me. I used to think my panick attacks were food allergies. Idk, could be not, but maybe consider it a possibility.

  3. Yeah that's what it definitely feels like. I'll think anything could affect me. As of right now, I can't neven take vitamins because they give me really bad anxiety and sick.

  4. Yes. But I am kidding, I know how it feels to feel awful suddenly then not know where it came from and be suspicious of every single thing that happened that day and as you know it is not fun. Bread for me became a worse trigger over time. Could be the culprit for you.

  5. Yeah I was gonna say😮‍💨 I've only been dealing with this stupid disease for 1 year. So I'm trying to get to know myself.

  6. For me it hurts at times, I think it depends. Right now the sides of my neck are swollen. I notice they get more swollen of some of the stuff I eat. One think for sure is gluten, the rest I can't really figure out yet. It takes forever for the swelling to go down too. I can't tell if it nodules or my thyroid but it affects my neck,jaw and tounge. My tonsils also get affected. I had a Thyroid ultrasound and found 2 cysts, they said they where not "bad" and I also got a CT scan and found nothing. I got that done to see if I had cancer because it runs in the family. I'm still not satisfied and want more studies done. I also need to schedule another ultrasound .

  7. It has Soy too 🙄 I have a Thyroid issue and soy isn't good for me. Almost a lot of things contain soy too.

  8. I disagree with you completely, i mildly watch some porn, maybe 20 minutes in an entire week? and if a man cant see that porn and reality are completely different. If a man cant control himself in bed? because porn has ruined his mind? Hahahaha!

  9. It's OK if you disagree, I guess you are entitled to your opinion. Now let me be a bit clear. Now I'm not against porn depending what it is. Also I'm not against watching it together, agin depends what it is. Also personaly both can be a problem the one consuming it and the porn.

  10. I have not had anybody stick anything in my back door, doesn’t really interest me and to flip what you’re trying to do right now, I also have never gave anybody a BJ! It’s a silly comparison that holds no water, and has no value to it. if I like somebody playing with my back door, then I would have them do it, no problem whatsoever, but that’s not what we’re talking about now is it. I never pressure or coerce, anybody into anything, never have not even in high school, I’m the kind of person that can’t function in intimate settings, unless there is true desire from her side of the fence, I’m not one of these guys who can go in cold with no emotions and get the job done and walk away, not really my scene. so does that mean you want to watch porn sometime? Lol just kidding.

  11. Not a silly comparison at all, and I'm also assuming you didn't read what I previously wrote. Of course that's what we are talking about. That's what the post is all about. Not being ok with anal and explaining why.

  12. How did you find out about your cancer? What type of test did you get done?

  13. complained of fatigue at an endo appointment - did tons of lab tests which were all normal.. endo decided to order a thyroid ultrasound just to see - showed 3 nodules, 2 which were normal looking nodules but 1 nodule had suspicious characteristics and then from there I went for biopsy of the nodule which then confirmed the cancer

  14. Thank you so much for your reply, I'm worried about my health. There is not a day where I feel great. Always tired and I do have some growth on the sides of my neck (they do shrink but notice they get big when I eat certain foods. Perhaps its inflammation? I had an ultrasound (they found 2 cysts but no nodules) and CT scan (which i cant really read the results). But according to them they found nothing. Not sure if I should still be worried or find an answer to my swollen neck. It's tough.

  15. Yes its bad, what the hell are you thinking. If you want to date other people then might as well divorce your wife.

  16. I’m very surprised to see the way this thread went.

  17. I would not be okay for my husband to go off on someone else besides me. It's different when you use a toy and your imagination.

  18. I read a study a few years ago about there are different triggers in male and female brains in how we fantasize and what we find erotic. It talked about how men are more visual and women are more into scenarios. I forget the exact terminology they used, but it makes sense why (it seems) like more men are heavily into porn and more women are into romance novels. If I ever find it again, I’ll post it here.

  19. Yes, I took a psycology sex class in college. It mentioned that ans other things. But it still does not justify their actions towards their partner.

  20. Check what your antibodies are. If they are not in range then you have Hashimotos.

  21. Take it in the morning with water only. It has to be taken at the same time and it's better to wait 1 hr to eat.

  22. So... a lot to unpack here. You can not (to my knowledge and a quick Google search) be allergic to iodine. We as humans really need a very balanced diet that contains iodine, for healthy thyriod function. Whoever told you to not consume iodine really should have never told you that. There also is iodine is... well quite a lot of food we eat. But I can not stress this enough, you need to have that in your diet, it really helps support a healthy thyriod function.

  23. Sorry I guess I should have explained further more. I didn't know the salt I bought had Iodine. I later red the bottom label that's said "It contains Iodine" . I do consume sea food and naturally that does contain iodine. I'm fine when I eat it though. Yeah I asked for other alternatives but they recommended the CT. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.🙏🏼

  24. This kind of sounds like me. I've noticed also my sides of my neck swells up when I eat gluten. If I eat it a lot through the day it also gives me like a high. It's weird. This Sunday I'm getting a CT scan which I'm terrified because of the IV solution and radiation. But I need to know what is causing my neck swelling (the sides of my neck, I have lumps).

  25. Why do you consider this a stupid comparison?

  26. How can you compare professional musicians to her boyfriend ?🤦🏽‍♀️ way out of topic first of all.

  27. The same way she compared professional sex workers to herself. Not out of topic at all.

  28. Of course she's going to compare herself to a whore or a Porn worker, whatever you want to call it. When it comes to relationships and intimacy it matters a lot. It's a personal matter and it goes to a personal level. Obviously she's upset (I don't blame her) and she has every right to be upset because her relationship with her partner matters to her. Why the hell would he humiliate her and giving her those comments. He should might as well pursue a whore. If you ask me she deserves someone better, someone that's going to put her on a pedestal. Someone that's going to bring her up not down (also talking about her self-esteem). Someone who's going to love her and desire her.

  29. Saving favorites is a way to save time. We don't always have a bunch of time to look for what we like, not to mention when we jerk off we just want to get it done and go on with our day/night.

  30. If porn is a tool then why have a partner, might as well be single for ever. Not everyone is going to be OK with so much porn consumption. If the partner really loved their partner they would not go to that extent.

  31. So you just don't masturbate when you're in a relationship? How codependent and unhealthy. It is not the sole function of a partner to serve your sad, sexual needs. I shouldn't have to educate you on this. You need parents.

  32. Lol I need parents. Educate me? Lol! More like educate yourself. I was talking about the porn consumption. Personally I don't think it's very healthy in a relationship or in a marriage. In a lot of cases it ruins a lot of relationships. It's very easy access and a way to begin to cheat. Many men can have erectile disfunction because of this. Relationships start to lack communication and the sexual desire for one another. Unless the partner is ok with this then I guess but I can tell you a lot of people do not allow so much porn or any porn in their relationships. How could you not know how much is " so much porn consuption" -_- really? And to answer your question of course I masterbate. Who doesn't, but let me tell you this I don't need to be accessing porno on a daily basis and I communicate it to my spouse. Now I will tell you I've had this problem with my spouse for a while now and I can tell it has not been great.

  33. 3 or 4 months postpartum when I found out I had a Thyroid issue. This happened last year 2021.

  34. Is that what it's called, I'm currently experiencing a sore throat (it looks red), ear pain and my tonsils feel swollen. My neck is also inflamed well at least I have lumps on the sides of my neck and they hurt.Some months ago I got a Thyroid ultrasound and they found nothing. But the swelling makes me question. Is it possibly that I might have something else, like cancer?

  35. No I don't know what that is to be honest, my doctors seem to not care for how I feel. I've been trying to advocate for myself and get some answers.

  36. 70's for sure especially if it has a metal ziper. Probably some sort of wedding dress.

  37. Yes I actually have one myself. I bought it about 12 years ago. Of course it doesn't fit me now lol.

  38. Your husband is wrong! I also have the same problem with my husband and let me tell you there is days when I want to leave him because he's so inconsiderate. We have a 1 1/2 year old and I work, and not only that I suffer from hypothyroidism well to be exact Hashimotos. How old are your kids. How many do you have? First of all if your kids are old enough, get them to help around the house too. Also we are not maids, house work Is hard and a lot of work. Raising kids is a lot of work and it's mentally and physically exhausting.

  39. Marriage is based on trust. If you cannot trust your husband you do not love him and cannot really be married to him.

  40. How is she going to trust him if he's flirting with the ex wife. They divorced for a reason no? Don't you think there should be some sort of respect in a marriage.

  41. Thyroid issue. I'm a 31 year old female living in Cali. I have Hashimotos now. I noticed most of the time I eat stuff with gluten the sides of my neck swell up. Also I get constipated more.

  42. It makes me constipated too :( and low mobility, glad you found what works for you

  43. Yes I had a celiac test done and I think it came out negative. I wonder if I test in 6 months or a year it will come out positive? Yes because I feel it in my neck when I eat food that I might be allergic to. It's weird. I guess I'll try it down the road to retest.

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