1. The fact that hotels almost universally use digital key cards makes it much easier for people to enter anyone’s hotel room. Way too many hotels reuse the same key cards over & over - never reprogramming them.

  2. Taylor mentioned it too but I agree from personal experience as well, when I say I've left my key card in the room or my car somehow doesn't work and get a new one at the front desk- I have never once been asked for ID. Which means anyone can just say anything to someone at the front desk and get a card to your room.

  3. I know Cara Delevingne's dress is stunning.. but something about Angela Basset's whole look just took my breath away.. the combination of that color and the way it's constructed. She looked so amazing.

  4. Russell is based out in Elmhurst but you can do the whole appointment over the phone. He uses a system where you can upload your documents and then he calls you to walk through the filing. Just call them first and have them email you the link.

  5. Tried Citrico Cafe over on 34th Ave and 36th street. You can tell they're trying hard to be cool and fun, which their decor kind of sells, but their food falls short.

  6. Ugh that's disappointing. I keep forgetting to try it out, but it sounds not worth it. I really liked the restaurant that was in the location previously.

  7. We did go on a Sunday afternoon around 4 pm.. so post brunch pre-dinner, maybe it was an off time to go. If you do check it out, just keep expectations low.

  8. I didn't realize I had bought the new version.. I didn't notice much change tbh, still my HG mascara for holding a curl and standing up against my oily hooded lids.

  9. Just responding to the top comments so this has visibility, but I saw this posted in several parenting groups on Facebook and wanted to share here as well:

  10. Some additional actions you can take in addition to or instead of the GoFundMe (if you're not able to donate) is to submit complaints to the DOT directly to address safety in this corner (or other corners that are of concern). It's not everything, but it's something

  11. I love this formula. I have cola pop, and I've broken and repaired it like 4 times (I don't love the packaging, this usually doesn't happen to me!) and it's worth the hassle.

  12. How did you repair it? My Ginger Pop completely slipped out of its pan and broken in half 😅

  13. i have the same blush in ginger pop! i’ve bought it in early high school and it still is mostly unfinished (i graduated college this year)!

  14. I have Ginger Pop and Peach Pop, I don't think I'll ever actually fully pan those shades 😅

  15. Adega doing this is *hilarious* because they already sell their wines at a mark up over other places. I wish they had some better competition on Ditmars.

  16. It's a bit of a walk from Adega but TG Wine and Liquor on 21st Ave bw 23rd and 21st Street got new ownership in the last few years and had a great selection and decent pricing.

  17. According to Kibbe (body typing philosophy and dress typing), if you honor the lines already present in your bone structure it actually makes you look more elegant. If you have sharpness and width in your bones, according to Kibbe, it makes sense that having something wide like an off the shoulder dress will look naturally great on you! At least that's how I interpret it (I'm still learning)

  18. I know there are those machines on 37th street behind Trade Fair (across from Martha's) that take cans, but you'll have to stand there and feed the machine one by one. You can also try to leave a bag there for someone to add to their pile as I see a few of the same people who collect cans and go to trade fair on a regular basis.

  19. I walk home with my 3 year old every day after school across the 21st Ave and 21st Street intersection.. not a terribly busy intersection but the number of times I've had a car almost run us over turning onto the street is too damn high. Drivers legitimately don't look as they turn, drivers who were not there as I start crossing the street are all of the sudden whooshing by and cutting us off. These people are going to kills someone one day.

  20. I'm sorry this happened to you.. I hope you recover from your injuries quickly enough but you must be feeling shaken up after all that.

  21. Dacey Cash is medium tan/tan skin tone.. she tends to go for yellow/neutral/olive undertones as well. But she really loves glowy/dewy foundations which is not my thing, but at least a really great shade reference if you're in the same shade group. Sarah Novio is not on YouTube much, she's more on TikTok and Instagram but she's a bit more tan and a bit more neutral than Dacey.

  22. Keep it well moisturized during the day, make sure you wear sunscreen as well if exposed to the sun. At night, layer something thick like Aquaphor healing ointment.

  23. I’m fairly new to the Asian beauty world (loving it so far) and started using BoJ last year. Truly was the first sunscreen I could enjoy using daily but it could be heavy on my skin (I have fairly normal skin, not necessarily oily or dry) and leave my skin with the dewy/greasy sunscreen appearance.

  24. I'm so relieved you found this to be lighter than BoJ. I just ordered the skin1004 sunscreen kind of blind and am eagerly awaiting. I liked the BoJ formula but I didn't love it because it did feel heavier than I expected. I also thought it made my makeup look greasier much sooner than usual as well. I'm looking forward to trying the skin1004 sunscreen!

  25. Dacey Cash is half Filipino and genuinely loves drugstore products. It's not her sole focus and she definitely looks at a lot of high end stuff too, but she happily seeks out and giddily tries out a lot of drugstore products as well which is refreshing. My issue with trying out drugstore products is the lack of testers for foundation and color products or even true to color product displays and I'd rather her try it than me. My only "gripe" with Dacey is that she loves glowy and dewy products that my oily combo self truly just can't handle.

  26. It's too bad they looks like it's in a square packaging now and a stark white powder 🙄

  27. The rabbits are super cute, but I also hesitate to get this because the background has too much going on. I like the individual flowers themselves. However, in past designs the background flowers/stars/sparkles were more artfully scattered. I think what I don't like is how there's a clear "outlline" almost of where the design stops vs past designs seemed more distributed in a whimsical way. But then my collector brain is like... "Get it anywayyyyyy"

  28. I still use a primer underneath which kind of makes me confused since it's also marketed as a primer. I like it best with the original tatcha primer underneath. Then, I take out the product from the scoop with the tip of my finger and dot over my forehead, cheeks, and chin. Rub it on slightly in the area I dotted on the product to warm it up a bit and buff it out using a round domed foundation brush (a brush that is dense but with movement to it). Then I buff on setting powder. I tend not to like this product when I try to build it up, so I try to get the right amount of product before I blend it out.

  29. Most Asian grocery stores will sell them and it can be labelled as Katsu or Tonkatsu or Okonomi/Okonomiyaki sauce. A lot of the times it's simply a combo of soy sauce, oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sugar and ketchup. The brand I get from Hmart is the Bulldog brand and it has an orange label.

  30. Former HRBP here (10+ years!), now working in Rewards and Compensation Strategy/Ops

  31. I definitely would! I love it, I have oily skin and the coverage on this is about medium. If I need more coverage I’ll add concealer then this powder. It’s cheap and lasts a 2-3 months for me.

  32. Oh man, I need to get on this then. I have combo oily skin and on the hunt for something to replace my beloved Too Faced Peachy Setting powder. I've been eyeing the pressed Fit Me Matte and poreless powder as a setting powder.

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