1. My housbind made me vegetable soup with ginger, lemon, garlic, carrots, broccoli and onions for my sore throat.

  2. In the same boat. I’ve got Najee, Mixon, Pitts, Gabe Davis, had Lance then Tua… not sure what I can do at this point but ride it out.

  3. I did not listen to the fantasy gods and played McKenzie and benched Davis this week.

  4. I wanted to, I knew I should, but...Breckin Mayer 😍 it really foreshadows a lot of shitty life choices tho, lol

  5. Lucian is so sad now. Last I heard he was so erratic on Instagram live in a crack motel that followers called the police and he was taken in. I don’t think he’s posted since then :(

  6. That’s…awful and unsurprising. I remember her being front and center in his videos when his meltdown began.

  7. Man Carli was my go-to 10 years ago. She helped me get ready for so many dates. Now I’m old and married.

  8. I sampled this recently - it’s the only creed perfume I like so far. It’s really beautiful. Does it perform well?

  9. I hope so!! I did not always like Caroline’s or Laura’s looks. Sometimes they were too camp for me.

  10. I loved Caroline’s looks she was beautiful and mostly wore gorgeous gowns she pulled it off always Laura not so much

  11. Harry styles doesn’t even give a fuck about makeup lol

  12. Not drinking alcohol. I’m not in AA and I’m not an alcoholic, but I find that drinking initially helps my anxiety, but the next day I feel super anxious. I ran a test and stopped drinking alcohol for several weeks and I was noticeably happier and less stressed. It’s really hard for me though, because I really enjoy drinking with my friends. I have one friend that’s a professional bartender at a resort and they create all these fun drinks to try and I have the best time. Just the next morning, I hate myself. I don’t even get drunk. It sucks.

  13. ASHA says that they can fall within our scope of practice…

  14. Look at what the Selective Mutism Association says too. Edit to add the ASHA doesn’t dictate everything. It needs to be looked at by psych.

  15. I wish I was on RuPaul’s Drag Race so I could be her on the Snatch Game. Too bad no one knows who she is. I don’t know who she is but I know they launched puddin’

  16. but like what’s the point??? it’s just negative.

  17. Honestly, I feel like Gemma is really young and it didn’t come across that she wanted to do these things. She doesn’t need the money and it’s a lot of work. I actually see her as being above it. If I was in her situation, I would just want to ride my horses, hang out with my new bf and travel. She is truly blessed to be a beautiful girl that already has it all. If I didn’t have to be in the spotlight to pay for nice things, I think I would prefer that. But I’m not Gemma. I just worry about older people pushing her to be seen when she might not really be enjoying herself. I sincerely hope that she is enjoying the fame. She just doesn’t give me the “I want everyone to look at me vibes”. And there is nothing wrong with that.

  18. No offense but if she didn’t want to do these things she wouldn’t as you said she doesn’t need the money which should tell you she is very interested in all her deals that’s all. People here just like to poke fun at anything this girl does and for Christ sakes it need to stop. The show has been over for two months why do people feel the need to continue dragging islanders outside of the show is silly to me!

  19. I’m not sure I understand your question. It seems you’re saying the process for procuring a 1-1 is via an assessment completed by a BCBA. That seems implausible but I guess not impossible. I say implausible because any decision about special education and related services is made by the IEP team. They may rely on assessment results from a BCBA on the team to inform the decision, which would be consistent with the law. Usually each team member conducts assessment to contribute to the IEP (I’m sure you know this— just adding for other who might read the thread), so my assumption is that would be how the decision is made for kids in Hawaii. Again, I’m not terribly familiar with the case or details related to the settlement with the USDOJ, but it DOJ does not propose or agree to processes that conflict with IDEA, ADA, or other laws affecting children with disabilities in schools. That said, how things actually are practiced may vary by school, which is likely true for most schools. Policy can be hard to objectively interpret and folks deviate in all sorts of ways for different reasons. But decisions belong to the team and should be based on information needed to make those decisions. A single person shouldn’t be deciding anything on behalf of the IEP team. I think that’s what you were getting at and if so, then we seem to agree.

  20. I would add, it’s generally better to check in closer to end of quarter to assess generalization of skills.

  21. Yes I agree with that! And I do that through observation. I work in preschool so I am in the classrooms a lot even if I’m not directly supporting students.

  22. 😂 I have thought this exact thing. I ordered it, not knowing quite what it would smells like and IMMEDIATELY thought that! Grape is my absolute fave scent tho so I was super pleasantly deceived :)

  23. “Giving away”. Since she claims to horde everything - Carmen’s clothes, the boys clothes and Babies. Does this mean she is signally to us Pepinos that she is done with the baby collecting and therefore has no further need for these clothes?

  24. I called this on a previous post!! After naming her last after herself, I just knew she was done….we shall see

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