Met my favorite adult film actor. 😏

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  1. Why would u need to say ur age that’s weird

  2. Not my dream to have to deal with 3 partners bruh

  3. If you have to "deal" with your partner(s) thats not a healthy relationship mate

  4. Well I’d be “dealing” with them if there were 3

  5. How do u put on lipstick without coloring the piercings

  6. That scar theory doesn't work because any character with a scar aside from specific Halloween skins have the same scar Meowcles haas the same scar in his Shadow Variant, Paradigm has the same scar but in the opposite eye and She's currently in reality 659

  7. Why are you looking for posts from a year ago

  8. Don’t trip, Daddy-o, you can still jive with da yoof, you dig? Just groove on down to the record shop and open your cauliflowers to the words you’re hearing and you’ll soon be up-to-speed on the latest news. 👍

  9. Theres a bay in puerto rico with bioluminescent algae. Its protected but there is a kayak tour you can take to it thats fabtastic. Water lights up as you paddle.

  10. I just went there this summer on a teen program, definitely my favorite life experience ever

  11. It means text you or contact you it’s not that deep

  12. I can give you everything apart for the rock climbing part

  13. He said you have to look at least average

  14. Nah people just need to stop being so soft

  15. “Tried” really pulling its weight here huh

  16. I mean I did try, I think I kinda succeed but idk

  17. Yea ofc I’d do anything for her, she’d do the same back

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