1. NFR doesn’t have Sean Lennon and Stevie Nicks. 🤷‍♀️

  2. I also love this album. Like a lot. I didn’t expect to resonate with it as much as I do and it’s in my top 3. My ranking is now:

  3. I figured I would like it because I enjoyed the singles, but I wasn’t prepared for how much I would love the finished product.

  4. It’s all there in the lyrics if you read them and open your mind a little. 🤷‍♀️

  5. Mine shipped and says it’ll be here tomorrow. 🤷‍♀️ I’m still waiting on my Target CD too.

  6. INFP, Moonstone/RD. (I notice there tend to be certain MBTI types that like systems and forums like this.)

  7. Me too!!! INFP/RD/Moonstone/Sweetheart here. 💕 And if anyone has heard of the Enneagram, I’m a 2w3!

  8. i love how this sub curates this lana-esque aesthetic, while she is so well known for blue jeans, white shirt and prolly a leather jacket.

  9. I love listening to Love Song, then How to Disappear, and lastly Wild at Heart.

  10. Definitely Honeymoon. Now that I’m coming out of a years-long depressive episode, I can’t really listen to it anymore. ☹️ It’s too dark and brings me right back.

  11. The Beatles. As much as I love Lana (and I listen to her every day), they’ll always be my #1.

  12. The Blackest Day & 24 Hours are both on my Halloween playlist.

  13. How fun!! Always nice to see people living their best life.

  14. The way I just hopped on the Target app and bought the dress-

  15. Sugar Thrillz by Dolls Kill has stuff like that sometimes, but it usually sells out quickly. Worth a look though! I love the pieces I have from them.

  16. Yes!!! I was just thinking how Usagi is totally RD/Moonstone! 🌙 💕 ✨ Love it!!

  17. That’s such a weird coincidence! I bought the Honeymoon CD once off Amazon (granted, it was a used copy) and I opened the case to reveal Neil Young’s Greatest Hits. 😂

  18. True! I’m a big classic rock fan, so it turned out alright. Haha

  19. Yes, definitely. I tried so hard to be “correct” (aka Right Up) for so long, but I’ve finally embraced that I am Right Down and I don’t have to try so hard, regardless of what my OCD tells me.

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