1. Being able to just resign and be without a team as a manager while the football goes on. Like what Zidane is doing now, you always have to be managing a team in career mode.

  2. PC Mods makes you realize how many features EA could have added and worked on. Game is sooo bad without mods.

  3. I also used mods. Which ones do you currently use?

  4. As far as I know, didn't used to is wrong. Where did you find the article?

  5. I'm not the OP, but here's a dictionary grammar notes section saying this exact thing:

  6. I'm not surprised that they said that it shouldn't be used in exams. Most grammar books consider that form incorrect.

  7. But 5 is D, and I'm just checking but I think you've got some other answers wrong too

  8. Yeah, that should be D. It's a passive sentence and held is the past participle.

  9. In Experience, in the second position I think it would best to capitalise journalist since the other titles are capitalised too.

  10. Fazla söylemişler. Bu ay aldığımda 550TL ödedim ve tabiki dakika, internet ve mesaj paketleri içerik ama sadece bir ay için.

  11. Trying swapping him with another player, hopefully they'll agree the wages.

  12. Mine is recent; United States Title match Priest VS Sheamus VS Drew McIntyre. Fun match

  13. 2nd one because in Present Simple questions with he, she, it the verb doesn't change after does/doesn't. So for example, "Does he live?' is correct but 'Does he lives?' is wrong

  14. There are posts like these with 93 comments while 1 or 2 with lots of upvotes would do the job, and there are so many other posts left unanswered sigh

  15. Because most people probably sort by Hot or something. But yeah, there are usually so many unanswered posts in New

  16. It depends on the context. It's like he's which can be he is or he has.

  17. only played the first one and thought it was great besides the section at the end where you're pushing the carriage

  18. I haven't played that one, just started the second one yesterday but I feel like I may have missed some parts of the story from the first one. The gameplay and graphics seem great though, gonna play the first one soon.

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