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best, spinoff, ever

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  1. I wish they used the ball bearings/bullets more than for just rat hunting. It’s such a useful skill it feels ridiculous that it’s never used again.

  2. I feel like too many stand battles would end too quickly with a bullet to the face

  3. On first glance I thought this was about making the characters more muscular (hence stretching the image wider)…

  4. Jonathan is built like a brick shithouse. Maybe Joseph though since Jonathan is rather naïve at times.

  5. Reminds me of the random Chinese horror movies my mum showed me as a kid. Good stuff.

  6. That's kinda my thing. Doing a whole series as an ode to my childhood asian horror movies

  7. Man, wonder what an appropriate name would be for him though? Maybe something like, Penguin?

  8. These guys a getting some hype. I've never seen any of their videos and this is my first. Literally WTF moment.

  9. I stay with my parents and my expenditure is quite minimal. So in cash I only hold a few k (which truth be told if you use 6 months expense, is more than necessary).

  10. A lot of people don't realise that the main point why that episode took place was for Jotaro to teach Josuke about how to deal with long range stands

  11. Come to think of it, Jotaro could’ve stopped time and shot Kira when he was too far away. But that would’ve been a pretty shit ending.

  12. I mean Jotaro literally carries around live rounds in the Bug Eaten arc tho so…. Plus I’m sure speedwagon could lawyer them out of it

  13. Not sure whether this was on their site but do you know where the yield comes from? Is it through lending or are they using defi yield farming methods to obtain the yield?

  14. It is through lending. These USDC are lent out to people who would in turn use it in defi protocols presumably. Lets say you lent me 10k of USDC. I will take that USDC, convert that into UST, and deposit it onto Anchor Protocol, earning 19.5% APY. I will pay you 12% and pocket the rest.

  15. Yea I'm familiar with defi stuff, I'm a pretty active defi user. Was just curious where they were getting yields from. Bc if they're using it in defi (like Celsius), 1 big hack could get them good. Although of course, they'd likely have reserves to back it up. But yea lending is a safer model generally.

  16. Where is your MIM now? If you want to bridge MIM to BSC you can use Anyswap (rebranded to Multichain now I believe). It should take MIM from most EVM chains.

  17. My mum showed me a pirated copy of Saw back when things were still distributed in CDs when I was 8 lol. Went back to horror years later and hooked ever since.

  18. The entirety of Alessi’s episodes should have never been animated

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