1. The Hero is named Madman. He swings around with and uses yoyos for battle. Hes a classic gonzo pulp hero and there is a possible starting point for his skin via the richocet outfit from amazing spiderman 2. Heres the wiki for character info

  2. Get the degree. You’ll need a back up plan when you find out how hard it is to break into theater.

  3. I don't know what area you're looking to study (I studied Design/tech), so this advice could vary and I think it depends on your personal situation. I attended a 4 year university and learned a lot, but am now in a mountain of debt while working in a relatively low paying field.

  4. Thank you for the advice! Atm I want to act, but I do wanna know more about everything and try to find out if I'd enjoy more than just acting.

  5. ICRPG-Index Card RPG. Can be usee for nunerous settings. Also fairly fun, linear, and overall rules light d20 game. Link for quick start is free on

  6. Sorry, i'm a little confused- do you play magic and just don't know a lot about the lore, or are you a non-magic fan asking magic players for help?

  7. Not yet, im still pretyy novice to the lore of it all. I grew playing magic but necer payed attention to its lore till now

  8. Do you remember what sets you really enjoyed playing, or do you have some favorite cards?

  9. I really enjoyed blur and light decks my favorite card was Jaces Phantasm

  10. Abillities- Overall terrifying fighter, commanding leadership, and is hard to kill. Weapons are a long sword and a hand claw weapon

  11. I’m still a little confused on life forms and types in Ghost Mountain. How did you run character creation?

  12. Just regualr human life forms for the players, and my character is a flying skull that is held on one of their belts. Each did the regualr starting equipment and such. Its been good so far, the gambler "lucky" ability is heck of a timd to deal with initaly but i just double down on danger if he fails that

  13. How exactly would you describe the gameplay? And or any examples for a frame of reference

  14. Are you still running the game and open for another?

  15. I think they mean less swords & sorcery-ish, more like Golarion or the Forgotten Realms.

  16. Exactly what i meant, sorry for the confusion. Thank you! Would you suggest adding or changing much with the "Mundane" archetypes?

  17. I know your question has been answered, just wanna add something... Go Occult with those, rather than Blood. At 55STR/55DEX/50ARC and Blood, they get 445 AR and 110 bleed, at the cost of about 130 levels. Meanwhile, you can spend around 70 levels and go with just 80ARC and Occult, and get 455 AR and 88 bleed.

  18. Yeah i was thinking occult, ive got a very rookie build idea of Arc,Vig,Sta, with spiked casteus with occult for arc scaling, and maybe a dragon breath for aoe fun, meant to be a tanky dude

  19. I have a build with arcane as my main scaling stat. Base Dex and STR to meet weapon requirements and then full Loadout of blood/occult weapons and 80 arcane.

  20. Mst friday do for me. I usualy am good at 9pm

  21. Asylum - Santa only comes once a year

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