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  1. You pick up the barrel on the two tier dock on the beach point side of boat. You carry towards the boat point and spam jump while he’s trying to jump into boat point, right?

  2. Personally would put on cool down on kill on the kunai. It’s so good on SK

  3. Can u show me your build?because i am working on a resolve build on my assassin

  4. Guessing Masamunes edge for katana with melee and oni or perfect parry and oni or melee and ultimate

  5. hmm 12 deaths..... doesnt seems good... and imo better stats can be achieved without so much fire stacks also...

  6. It’s not a bad build but it would take a lot for me to let go of the 5 hit ult for survival

  7. Reload cancel is difficult to do on ps5 controller. Ps4 controller is a lot easier to do it on.

  8. I had to turn off haptic feedback or whatever it’s called to make it easier on PS5

  9. Yeah, i did the same. It's still not quick and smooth compared to the ps4 controller.

  10. No I agree. It takes me a few runs to get into the rhythm again

  11. I need to try this with my Samurai sticky Bomb and Caltrops might get it done maybe not as fast but it might work. 🤔

  12. Have an ult ready, put caltrops, throw a sticky and ult while it’s in the air and you might be able to go double ult and clear.

  13. I like the build. The only thing I would change is the stealth on the charm. You can put a lot of other good things on there instead

  14. Also considering dropping “critical hit” (+30% stealth attack damage) for an extra legendary slot to run mist of yagata and swap refreshing vanish for toxic vanish

  15. I tried this build with flash bombs after watching a guy called Demonslayer on twitch use it. He’s awesome and that build is really good. I got to wave 7 on my first plat7 solo try

  16. Any time stamp where you want to highlight? With smoke and kunais you can use ability, kunai most of the wave and clear up with ult. and it’s repeatable. With BoLC you’re relying on luck and you have little crowd control and cover during hwachas etc

  17. I actually haven’t heard of that channel gotta look into it

  18. It would be cool and nice if u shared your build with us

  19. He usually does. Or he might still be running double ult (on charm and katana) with ranged + reload on bow. Hunter ability radius on charm. Spirit kunais with GWD and cool down on kill. Smoke with double cool downs and sudden resolve.

  20. Yup pretty much, I did have oni dmg instead of ult on the katana tho

  21. So close. I was going off Joeys build which I think you ran at some point. Thanks for clearing it up

  22. Yoo Elevain and light guard. Good team! I’ve heard of wrecktr but never played with them yet

  23. Poor Atachi no longer in the crew? Lol But seriously, well played guys!

  24. I would replace ranged resolve gain with hunter ability radius and the 5 hit ult instead of pinpoint, other than that just clean up the stats and u good

  25. Solid aside from ultimate damage on the katana and super armour. Don’t see the point of those. Swap ultimate for Oni and swap super armour for health increase or resolve increase and you’re ready for hellmode

  26. Looks alright, aside from the low values of the charm but that’s a resource issue. I would replace burning blade with way of the flame so that you have control of when you can use fire.

  27. yeah its a resourse issue and i dont really have cursed tokens to raise the ones that i havent modified

  28. That’s fair. This build will still kill a ton! Personally I like having a spirit kunais as secondary legendary. Use explosive arrow, do some headshots. Kunai the small guys to get ghost weapon back. I know a lot of people like using sticky and it’s powerful so can’t go wrong

  29. runs around the point panicking and screaming, while dodging crows and stabs

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