1. Faux. L’employeur a l’obligation de transmettre des communications écrites en français à son personnel et de protéger le droit de travailler en français de ses employés, peu importe son nombre d’employés.

  2. As-tu l’article de loi, j’aimerais leur montrer au bureau, merci!

  3. I like to call him Lunatikshenko, but both are very fitting.

  4. Ok ladies, time to dust off the high heels and practice on the stripper pole, Ivan isn’t coming back.

  5. The first semester is the easiest, since they are all first year courses. Take a few summer classes to help you out in year 2 and 3, with the higher level (harder) courses.

  6. His ancestors invented the condom, using a goat's lower intestine. In 1873, the British refined the idea by taking the intestine out of the goat first.

  7. Wait a second since when is CNN is allowed live in Moscow?

  8. David Cameron described negotiating with Putin as a “phenomenal liar” and a person “who seems to regards lying as a regular part of diplomacy”.

  9. Of course we can all agree that people have the right to self-determination, but we seem to be forgoing that right for the very real population that support independance from Ukraine in certain eastern regions.

  10. Regarding the article, it’s dated March 2022, one month after being attacked by Russia, of course Ukraine would ban any party connected to Russia.

  11. Except that these people are not anti-war at all. With the pretext of wanting peace, they want to stop aid to Ukraine so that it is forced to give up land.

  12. I think you may be right, Putin is fighting for his life and Ukraine is fighting for its land, people, democracy, sovereignty & freedom. Not sure if this war will ever end. Will the Russians capitulate, highly unlikely. Will Ukraine negotiate losing some land, not likely.

  13. The faces of ruzzian isolation for the next 50-75 years, maybe more…

  14. She is trying to justify the death of her 19 year old boy, trying to convince everyone that he did not die in vain, that it was not a useless death for a useless cause…

  15. Here is a longer version and wide angle version of the video, there is some fidgeting

  16. Every year a large number of vultures descend on a little town in Ohio, on the anniversary of a huge feast nearly 200 years ago. After this spring's thaw, I expect we'll be seeing the same thing every year in Bakhmut.

  17. La régie/TAL amorti sur 35-40 ans + financement les travaux exécutés et tout le monde s'étonne que personne veut mettre une cenne pour entretenir un logement.

  18. Exactly like George Orwell’s book 1984, which was written in 1949, amazing foresight.

  19. Also the "Center for Support for the Relatived of Mobilized Dmitrovsky Residents" provides free water.

  20. Hmm never thought of that, there are going to be soooo many single women in russia

  21. To think the majority of the world once considered russia a "superpower" LMFAO.

  22. Almost looks like a skit you would see on Saturday Night Live, except it’s happening for real in a suburb of Moscow, unreal lol

  23. remember the Soviet era symbolism - and the main target will be Odesa

  24. Excuse my ignorance, but isn’t Russia big enough, why do they need more land, let alone Odesa?

  25. Except for the important bit of context that people in Crimea and the Donbas WANT to join Russia.

  26. Who in their right mind would want to join russia?

  27. Apparently the people in Crimea and the Donbas.

  28. This 💯. Hold on to your cash. You don't know where this recession is going to take you. Stay prepared for the worst.

  29. Know that any money you will lend to them will be gone forever.

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