1. Just helped a server 3 yrs later of my stiizy not functioning properly for 2 days

  2. He is a grown man it is not your responsibility to wake him up for his hobby. NTA

  3. If you have a Sprouts near you, they sell them in the bulk section

  4. Dude...... Im literally walking out with $20 tonight. My sales were about $400 cause i was breaker and came in to a full section. I subtracted the checks that didn't tip and it lowered my sales to $168. I received 2 $5 tips and 1 $10 and i had a 9 top of teenagers all separate checks that stiffed me so now im drinking afterwork

  5. You should go to jail for putting GOLDEN RAISINS in there, not even the regular raisins. That being said nice job, its looks real soft on the inside.

  6. What's wrong with golden raisins? Lol

  7. They taste strange and are mushier for some reason lmao raisins in baked goods are a sin

  8. Absolutely NTA, what you described is sexual assault. It doesnt matter if he wants another kid, it is your body and 100% your choice. The fact that he doesnt take care of your kids you already have and thinks he has the right to ask for a third and go against your wishes, he needs therapy and or divorce.

  9. YTA because of what you said. My pets will always comes first for me. However the same thing can be happening with your dog that happened with her cat, he might be acting out when youre not there to see. That being said you shouldnt mock her hobbies or say your dog is doing her a favor by biting her things. Those are her hobbies for her to like, not for you to judge.

  10. I dunno man.... Your gf is wierd if she gets offended by that and also you shouldnt be calling yourself a kitty dad, Lilly is your daughter, youre a kitty grandpa now you should embrace Lol obviously NTA

  11. If you find out that youre the other woman, report him and he gets in trouble and demoted cause theyre strict on adultery. But he can also get in trouble for you doing that

  12. If your husband's parents are deceased and he does that picture thing again do it to him too. "Your father is extremely disappointed and would disown you for doing that again when ive told you to cut it out."

  13. They're collectively trying to reach heaven so they can apologize to Steve Irwin in person.

  14. How do you sprinkle brown powder once, not notice its not red flakes and do it two more times...... I think at this point you kinda deserve this

  15. Really?...... Sigh put more veggies in there, spice it up, maybe slice them a bit hahaha

  16. YTA you only say highschool sweethearts dont last when they get their hearts broken, dont ruin their exiting new relationship. Let her be excited and happy i know you say it cause you care but teenagers dont want to hear their new relationships isnt gonna last

  17. I used to argue with my mom all the time about my then bf and she was 100% correct omg was he a POS but i didnt want to hear it and your daughter doesnt want to either, so let her dream :)

  18. You owe him? You owe him what exactly? Make the couch his permanent spot NTA

  19. He got angry and said you only cared about his money.... What money? Hahaha

  20. She got an offer to move to Germany, a much better country and youre fighting with her? Yes YTA

  21. One time i got pho delivered cause i was extremely hungover and when i poured the broth over the noodles and meat it turned bright red and then brownish pink, fucking disgusting

  22. Definitely NTA, I give my dog a bit of food but only if im cooking for myself

  23. I just finished night shift and it was slow and my tip percentage was close to 10%...... It was great :/

  24. Apparently its what jesus wouldve wanted haha

  25. Absolutely not! Hes is being a controlling asshole

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