1. I just did the Suprep last night. IMO better than drinking a gallon of prep like I used to, but that flavor and the split dose timing were harsh! I mixed it with Diet Sprite and drank through a straw - both helped. My report time was 6:45 am, so dose #2 was at 12:45…not great.

  2. Yeah, the timing of the second dose is definitely the worst no matter what insurance you have. During my 2nd colonoscopy I had to drink my second dose right when I woke up.

  3. Minus the B1G Championship hell yeah I would take 2012’s record for Scott Frost’s job security! Although I really want to see how this season plays out.

  4. It is still great there. Heck, it is one of my back ups at 10.7 as well.

  5. Full Auto 37mms on a T 34? I'd say yes. My P47 has been shot down by that a good few times

  6. Also my M18s hate this thing. At least its ammo belts got nerfed.

  7. There are plenty of SPAA within the Phong Khong's BR range that are a much bigger threat to the M18 than the Phong Khong itself

  8. Titans plus a bunch of Mechs vs. the Galactic trio (Space Godzilla, Gigan, and Mecha-Ghidorah) in a 2 parter.

  9. I rooted for both (although I am a little bit more of a W/SW fan).

  10. The best water that I have had in D.C. was from a water fountain on Theodore Roosevelt Island.

  11. Well ... I opened 215 of them and got nothing else but trash wagers and stuff like that.

  12. Yes brush hogs all the way when I run out of lizzards lol. Seriously though they do seem to produce better occasionally

  13. Haha! And when I run out of brush hogs I resort to sweet beavers and lizards.

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