1. I have a buddy who runs about 10 miles every day through coyote populated areas. He carries one of these to be able to thump one in the head if he has to. He just runs holding it in his hand.

  2. I have rolled 10 miles I have finished up eating at Hardee's and then went to Burger King and then McDonald's for my third lunch that day and I fell down and rolled. It was the longest I had a rolled.10 miles but that's what happened when your 800 lb. Hopefully when I reach 1000 lb I will turn into something like a black hole and become skinny

  3. Haha! I only run for two reasons… one is if I’m hungry and want to eat something that’s faster than me (very unlikely) and two when there is something that’s hungry and wants to eat me… (more likely to happen but still not a real fear of mine)

  4. Nope just good marketing. And way too much bass in their products, which to their target audience makes them "good"

  5. in the case of the Taos’ stereo not even close to enough bass though. It’s pathetic and what does play through is floppy and inaccurate

  6. But if you crank the bass up it'll be loud enough for the people next to you in traffic to hear it thump. That's all that matters to them.

  7. it sounds so terrible in the vehicle… so bad. 100% would just go with the non premium if I had it to do over again and save some money… again it’s not my car it’s my wife’s and everything else about the car is great, but the stereo is just a complete disappointment to me.

  8. the only clips we have here are for the female recruits’ haircuts is that what you’re saying?

  9. I think the answer to your last question is yes… it’s tough to get performance and comfort in the same setup. I am interested in seeing if others have a different opinion.

  10. AAA does the permit tests, but you have to be a member (or your parent has to be a member)

  11. Thank you so much the AAA website is a lot more helpful with availabile appointment 🫶🏼

  12. I just went through this dilemma with my daughter… good luck and stay safe on the roads!

  13. If there is no dedicated broadcast engineer the broadcast sounds like ass, the signal that the front of house engineer does for the live audience is in no way suited for broadcast (Especially at rock shows)

  14. I believe they actually use the same mix for FOH and broadcast.

  15. I don’t think so… my only reasoning is they credit a broadcast engineer on their “couch tour” shows, and the sound quality is really great. It’s also really great in person but it’s a completely different type of mix. I’m not sure where the split happens but they do credit the remote sound team (at least on the few shows I’ve watched from my couch).

  16. you didn’t sound pissed off enough… say it like you’re pissed

  17. It's all bullshit. Some senile old fuck said this is the rock my dad stepped on to & people believed him.

  18. I feel like not enough people saw the video a few years back of a meth head running across a street with a full size refrigerator on his back while being chased by a cop and out running the fat cop. These dudes get what they want.

  19. I think I saw that with the Benny Hill theme playing and it was sped up

  20. DPA lav with the DPA string mount is what we use with a very famous Cellist whose name rhymes with So So Ya.

  21. the only time I did blow was when I was out with my boss and the owner of the company… same reason too. I’m not really into going that way but I certainly couldn’t afford to do it if I was buying it.

  22. Bay village is the coolest but mission hill is the one I always forget exists

  23. that’s wild… I guess I just thought Mission Hill was more memorable (and like 3 times the size?) of Bay Village which is actually a neighborhood I didn’t even realized existed until like 10 years ago. It is quaint, it’s just small.

  24. I’ve only used the DPA and to be honest I would think it to be incredibly difficult to find a mic that sounds better for that purpose. They sound really nice on acoustic guitars. I don’t think I would use it to record in a studio but it sounds great enough you probably could with no complaints either.

  25. the only thing that bothers me with everything he makes is he cuts through a foil wrapper… urban legend in my town growing up was there was a guy who ingested a foil piece and it almost killed him because a sandwich was cut like this.

  26. I think of 95-97 as my favorite years, there was a nice balance of party to awesome music… by 99 the party scene had almost eclipsed the music. (I’m guilty of it too)

  27. No it wasn’t actually. 90s phish was pre-cell phones. When calling someone on a landline from a pay phone in nowheresville Nebraska giving you updates on the last 15 shows he’s seen on that run but the .25 cents is about to run out on his phone call and before the operator hangs up he says “meet you at setbreak in philly at the soundboard” it meant something.

  28. I had a cell phone after 95 but… there was no camera and no texting. A lot of people did. It was a pretty cool scene at that point.

  29. I definitely didn’t catch that until you pointed it out

  30. I would like to say it was the blow that clouded my vision but it’s been decades since I’ve even been around it.

  31. well that’s sort of the “catch”? You don’t want to isolate the viewers we already have but need to make the switch to a streamed format… I feel like the entire business is like 10 years late to this party to be honest. I have like 20 years until retirement and I’ve been doing this news thing for close to 27 years (literally my second career after touring with rock bands). While I think I personally won’t have any issues keeping up in the next 20 years and I’m going to be safe I wonder about people that are just starting out and what their careers will look like.

  32. I am just starting out and it looks like it will be easy

  33. cool! I sincerely hope that’s the case… it looks grim in the market I’m in.

  34. that’s a low end fair price to quote… mine is $500 for the “white glove” gigs. It’s a bummer but that promoter will get what they pay for for sure. $200 is way too low unless you’re working as a band member and getting a full band cut… and even that’s a sketchy road to go down.

  35. want to add that I’m not even in the scene anymore and haven’t been for 25 plus years (I went into broadcast)… I still do the occasional sound gig and I love doing them but $500 is not an outrageous price for a former hit making band.

  36. at least one and I don’t know how many actually people died by retreating to their attics during Katrina… there was a TV show that was called “how not to die” or something like that explained why the rooftop is the best bet. They also showed how to escape from the attic if you had an axe with you… I don’t live anywhere there would be a flood danger but the whole concept was chilling for me.

  37. Yep. I wrote a college paper on her, she was pretty badass and led a fascinating and frustrating life.

  38. any truth to the rumor that the founder of Little Caesar’s pizza chain helped support her when she was in her last years? I want to believe it’s true… I don’t like their pizza but that’s a pretty great thing to do for someone if it’s true.

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