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Minnesota Just Legalized Edibles After a Republican Didn’t Read the Bill

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  1. Isn't the speed of light supposed to be constant, so shouldn't it be the same in air as it is in vacuum?

  2. Normal glue does that and then doesn't dissolve. And in construction you never want something less secured.

  3. Normal glue does not do that. Web is plenty strong, so it isn't less secure.

  4. UPS has no obligation to believe you about possible theft. In fact, it's one of the few things that can get you fired no questions asked and w/o union protection, if proven

  5. Nah, it wasnt justifying ocean pollution. The gator was literally cleaning the mess that human left and gave his friend a creative gift from there. Come on dude, you can't really see the open truth? Lmao, change your perspective

  6. A good message would be that all of the trash is bad, not that they can make use of some. This is not a wholesome comic.

  7. They train for it in school once a month tho.

  8. No, they don't. Unless they've for some reason massively changed things in the year since I was in school, they do not. Once or twice a year at most.

  9. The only good thing was it was unionized

  10. If those were their working conditions, their union was worthless.

  11. They had excellent Healthcare mentioned in the story, so the union may have picked its battles based on employees interest.

  12. Wrong sub;paying for it doesn't make it theirs, because there isn't even a slight technicality that makes it their house. It's a joke, not technically the truth

  13. Me stacking boxes at ups requires no skill... So I gotta disagree.

  14. Statistically speaking infinite tries means than he will eventually overcome gojo.

  15. That assumes a perfect memory, which people don't have, and a strong never give up mentality which Subaru definitely does not have. Without outside cheer ups he'd be mentally doomed.

  16. He'd go insane first, something people don't really recover from

  17. Oh I’m sure there’s already corporate pushed memes. That vin diesel family meme a few months back had to have been 100% an ad campaign

  18. Vin diesel meme seems like it took a lot of force to make and ended up with no staying power

  19. colouring tomo chan until i quit, give up or die is what she* said herself* :D

  20. Yeah. The dragon features are completely excluded in this chapter. You could have changed the reason for skipping class being a cold and there would be no difference

  21. You can use copyright names all you want as long as you don't shat on the brand. They can going to give you a cease and desist letter if they didn't like what you did but it's just a warning and you won't go to court unless you still do what they ask you to stop.

  22. You can't have one set of rules for one kind of people and another set of rules for another. It doesn't matter how fair it seems considering the war in Ukraine, same rules and same level of consideration as everyone else.

  23. They probably don't want to encourage dogfighting, or [insert other excuse here]

  24. Also viewing pets as tools is something they would want to discourage? Idfk, Mojang logic

  25. mousou telepathy, if you wish to see something similar, it’s not yuri but it does follow the same kind of plot, a school girl who can read minds, especially the one of the silent boy that has a crush on her and lewd her in his imagination during class

  26. You're out here shilling for it hard. Though, it is a very good story and very relevant, so that isn't a bad thing.

  27. It's a legal gray area. The problem is that the FDA still lists THC (not just cannabis in general) as a controlled substance, but the language in the 2018 farm bill contradicts the FDA.

  28. You deeply underestimate at least Russia's ability to fuck up worse.

  29. Never heard of water being an OSHA requirement

  30. Okay, so water fountains count. I'm sorry but relying on management to buy disposable bottles of water is absurd. Every driver should own a cooler for lunch and a cooler for water.

  31. Yeah, it's stupid to rely on management for it, but I believe that it's reasonable to suggest management is required to have them for drivers given osha?

  32. I thought mine would be fine in the microwave - the mesh screen is like a natural cat-proof cage - until one day I forgot to take them out before pre-heating it. Lessons learned, right?

  33. Doesn’t work as well if you don’t have a face beard yet…

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