1. I typically wait 3 months with a few sleep overs or full day hangouts. You want to see them when their cranky and or in a bad mood so you know if you can or want to handle that long term. 3 months is usually when people's exteriors Crack or slip up if they're hiding something too.

  2. I will never get an ostrich. I was farming secret notes by cutting down trees. But after I have upgraded my axe to the iridium quality trees fall to fast. Can I downgrade my axe?

  3. You can set up a Co-Op house, and steal the tools from there.

  4. Yes, unless they've done the work to figure out why they do it in the first place.

  5. Whats with keg? Im new and cant access that location just yet.

  6. It creates a higher priced good to sell or gift from the crops you grow.

  7. Well, here's an idea. A little out of the norm of the other answers your getting. My (now ex) boyfriend and I did what's called free use. But we had a secret bracelet that was a blanket consent (anything goes while I'm wearing it) bracelet that I'd wear on dates or on days where I WANTED him to initiate. It was a code that only we knew. And after having a consent conversation once, I think it'd be a good idea for you two.

  8. Zelda 😭 I just want a farming game where I can live & play in Hateno village and all the SDV are welcome

  9. I keep them separated. So lake fish, river fish, ocean fish etc. Then legendary and specialty fish. Then a chest for the crab pot catches.

  10. To be honest it sounds like you enjoyed the novelty. Relationships sometimes settle into a routine and stressful lives can contribute to it no longer being as fun. If you really enjoyed the painting session it's likely because it was novel, new, exciting and out of your norm of your husband. I wouldn't say it's anything to leave him over. Instead maybe try to incorporate something spicy and fun in your own relationship. Novelty is necessary to keep a spark in my eyes.

  11. It looks like you are doing a great job having low expenses, except for one thing - the car. I know rates can widely vary, but $185 for car insurance is super expensive, and $384 is a lot of money for a car payment. The first thing I'd do is try to find cheaper insurance.

  12. My car is very expensive, you're right. I should look at getting it refinanced. It's a 2018 kis Forte. And I have another year or two on it. I believe two. The insurance is high because in NY state you need full coverage and you can't get that for less than 160 without being on a parents plan. Which i can't be and wasn't ever. I only work 4 days a week at 10 hour shifts. So picking up a second job was a serious thought of mine. Thanks for the advice.

  13. I figured there was a story behind the insurance. Putting very little mileage on my car and living a rural area, My insurance would be 1/3rd as much for a car that cost twice as much.

  14. With what I get paid I can make things work even without a roommate. And all my credit cards would be paid off by the end of the year, not just minimums. Just no room for any sort of savings if (God forbid) something else comes up.

  15. Miso soup is my comfort food, like chicken noodles when you're sick. But favorite genre, sushi.

  16. You can sue him once the lease is up and you guys are out of it.

  17. So my only options are keep paying full amounts and sue him later with no guarantee, or get evicted?

  18. I love doing Joja route because I can afford the greenhouse in fall versus three years of game play the most.

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