1. Crossfit Hall of Fame material here.

  2. After you do something like that, do just think, well that's it, that's the pinnacle of cool shit to do.

  3. Die chasing the dragon. One of my buddies is an elite level kayaker and the amount of friends he has lost is too many.

  4. I just wish I knew which guide I could trust. I just wanted to know the best TV out right now, whatever technology or features I don’t have a preference I just want the best picture possible. I am so willing and ready to buy but I never get the answer to that question

  5. got an LG OLED last year and it’s amazing. Don’t overthink it too much—I know I did the same though.

  6. I learned about your tribe in my anthropology class in college many years ago. Neat!

  7. Keefe best supporting character in television. Plus he hangs dong.

  8. Best supporting actor I gotta give to BJ or PJ or TJ or whatever

  9. I've seen a changing table collapse with an infant in a car seat on it. I'd trust that 50lb rating about as far as I can throw it.

  10. With your bad back, you shouldn’t be throwing anybody

  11. Thinking of trading my Silverado in for a Taco. Prices are stupid high though

  12. Best move right now is to just stick with what you got

  13. Cool thanks for letting me know, a lot of people saying they’re super heavy so I’ll stick to 2.75

  14. I cant decide between this and the bracket solution. In your opinion is this better than brackets?

  15. If you’re talking about what LUNA makes we think this one is a superior choice.

  16. Rad wagon is heavy enough to need a trailer too.

  17. Always always always. Because you’re in there.

  18. All the movers I’ve used around here come with their own truck and wouldn’t do this. You might have good luck with some school of mines students though.

  19. I heard from a home inspector that radon levels are insane in clear creek.

  20. And sorry, I meant coal Creek not clear Creek

  21. Lift? If so, how high? My 285's rubbed on my control arms and that's how my truck came when I bought it so I'm looking to lift it for some more clearance in the wheel well

  22. How old is this cat? Mine used to be like this all the time but now he’s 9 and barely leaves the ground.

  23. Why is this the second video of people doing this that I’ve seen this week??

  24. Queen of Sheba Ethiopian restaurant in aurora.

  25. You know you've been on Reddit/the internet for too long when you knew with full certainty that this would be the top comment

  26. I was hoping it was my turn but I was too late.

  27. My cat does this same move. Pretty cool.

  28. I’ve seen $3500 used before when they import new for $4400

  29. I’m 11 weeks in to being a dad. Working remotely and taking care of newborn is not possible or sustainable. Taking care of baby is so demanding as others have said.

  30. Just some buddies I do car pranks with.

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