1. For what it’s worth, previous off-season aerial photos I’ve seen of CP were taken by private pilots flying their own airplanes. This is the first clearly drone-captured photo I’ve seen circulating.

  2. I do. Are the off-season employees and contractors on site not equally at risk too? It sets a dangerous precedent for other enthusiasts to push the boundaries of what's legal and gives the rest of us who respect the boundaries of the parks a bad name.

  3. I could go back and forth on this topic for a while with you. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on the legality component. The only way CP could truly stop drones flying over the property would be to work with the FAA to enact a temporary flight restriction (TFR) much like

  4. Didn’t the former CEO call it his “dumbest decision”? This coaster is insanely unreliable, extremely expensive to run and it almost KILLED someone. I’d be surprised if Cedar Fair corporate wishes this ride never existed.

  5. Meanwhile it's otherwise been a landmark attraction that people instantly associate with Cedar Point and thus contributes to their overall bottom line.

  6. Our TV broadcast is so good when compared to so many other team's. I give Umdermanning shit sometimes, and sometimes rightfully so, but the entire broadcast really does feel like I'm watching the game with friends who actually love the game.

  7. Did you see the video of that automobile being lifted by the same tornado? That’s some serious energy. See minute

  8. This is a genuine question as I literally don't know the answer... But can a tornado actually carry a vehicle that high and far? Obviously the winds are strong enough to roll a car but I was under the impression it's likely too heavy to actually be carried by the winds alone.

  9. Yes. The Smithville tornado is famous for chucking an SUV 1/2 a mile away into the the towns water tower.

  10. Is it because of the FoV? It was the FoV for me.

  11. Turns out getting hacked was probably good for them hey?

  12. Nice color bars : 6 inch is the same color as 40 feet ...

  13. It's both surprising and not surprising how much of a sag in the lift hill there is between the supports. Engineering be wild sometimes.

  14. They are upset with their performance and in F1 performance is everything. I don't understand the criticism.

  15. Being upset is fine but this seems like a bit much, no? The car is just underperforming to where they believe it should. That's how it goes in F1.

  16. RedBull openly dissed their engine supplier and blamed everything on them. They complained a lot about their lack of performance but not in a professional manner. Much like McLaren, blamed everything on Honda, we have the best chassis on the grid...then got a Renault and we're still getting waxed.

  17. This is fair. RedBull absolutely went full scorched earth with their Renault relationship.

  18. I know it's dangerous for the drivers, but man the walls on the track makes the cars look fast. And the fact that mistakes are so severely punished (due to the wall) makes this so much more intense to watch.

  19. What bothers me is that this lap happens if whoever designed this track realizes that putting a wall immediately off the track on the track out point of a critical corner is a bad idea. Not because I "stan" for Max, rather that it just seems crazy they had to put the wall there. Was asking for someone to tag it.

  20. What a great move, P1 looked like they slowed down to block you but you pulled the ol’ nope-a-roo on em!

  21. Just look at those cheap, flimsy, floppy plastic frames and puny magnets! They were never going to make any meaningful sound. Toyota and Pioneer should be ashamed of themselves.

  22. The physical size of the magnet can be very misleading as it does not always correlate to the performance or clarity of the speaker itself. There are a variety of magnet styles that can be used in the construction of a speaker and it is a choice based largely on design, budget, and performance goals.

  23. No. Highways serve as means of escape from danger and authorities should be prioritizing their time on assisting those impacted by severe weather than keeping people off the highways.

  24. This Aussie trip has been a bit of a shit show but what do you expect from Pilgrim Studios

  25. Speaking from experience implementing wireless in an office... It shocked me that for all the effort and money Linus spent on his wireless, he never did a proper site survey to determine where the APs needed to be and then validated the result afterward. Those surveys are worth every penny to know the wireless performance is exactly as expected.

  26. You’re mad about Trump, just wait till hear about Biden not allowing the rail workers to strike.

  27. We can be mad about both failing to do anything to make this problem any better before the derailment.

  28. This sub is going to kill every good thing about LMG and the WAN show.

  29. I can't take credit for it, but I can't remember who first posted it or I would have credited them in the title

  30. Would a PT be the right kind of "doc"? I'm honestly naïve to what is/isn't the right kind of doc in these situations.

  31. Unfortunately there’s little oversight for chiropractors. Have you tried going to a Physiotherapist?

  32. I can stan for Tech Jesus with you- until I find out he pays full time employees $37k/yr in a HCOL area.

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