1. It’s not inhumane. These people are just virtue signaling. Algae growth is not an indication of bad water parameters. The opposite, it anything. It’s just ugly.

  2. there is the idea that it is a bit bare though. does the clownfish not need some sort of hide, or at least a tankmate? I’m not disagreeing with anybody just curious!

  3. We didn’t spend $500 on a tank to leave it bare like this, he just hasn’t got around to it yet. It had a couple tank mates of its species but killed one and nearly killed the other so I kicked it out of my tank into his.

  4. ahhh okay I see! certainly looks like a really nice tank!

  5. Gotta have a market for what you farm. The industry has been trying to make arctic char a real thing forever. People just don’t want them. Trout suffer to an extent from that as well, which is a shame. Steelhead trout is awesome, super underrated.

  6. But doesn’t yellowfin tuna account for 30% of all tuna catch? Further, isn’t tuna a pretty large percentage of what is caught annually? I’m not disagreeing I’m just wondering, why would there not be a market for yellowfin tuna?

  7. Broadly speaking a good aquaculture fin fish species fits a few categories (IMO here obviously).

  8. Wow, this is an excellent response— you broke this down very very well and I really appreciate all the details. I also agree with your necessary characteristics of fin fish species.

  9. not lethal to people directly but apparently they can have natural toxins which can lead to certain illnesses

  10. For the love of God, yes, the way we get insects into the food system is through aquaculture, not cricket brownies. This is potentially a far more sustainable approach than using wild caught forage fish as feed. The insect approach is a food system. At the macro level, the forage fish approach is ultimately a financial system that enables investors to turn cheap wild fish into expensive farmed fish.

  11. I have to agree, I think there’s quite the future in using defatted insect protein meal as a base for fish feed, as it seems it is the most successful through the research I’ve done. Aside from that, algae seems to be promising too but I haven’t done too much research on that!!

  12. i have come to terms with it. after a car wash i can handle it lol

  13. Take it deep breath, my friend. It's a bumper on a low car. It's bound to happen. You can either get a stick of correction paint or leave it the way it is. Gives the car a bit of character.

  14. nothing wrong with a bit of character, I appreciate this comment my friend :)

  15. I have an Evo 13.5 and it’s been a great first time for me so far.

  16. just had my daughter early last year, can’t wait for this man :)

  17. Woah thanks!! If I can I’ll post the link on this post in 5 minutes

  18. What is your ammonia source? I always cycle with a hearty fish or two. Are you using some chemical to introduce ammonia?

  19. So I believe it was instant ocean I used (I think its a purple/white bottle w a clonwfish) as the denitrifying bacteria, then I added some toner/conditioner stuff. I can let you know the specifics once I’m off work. Aside from that I’m using live sand as the real ammonia source

  20. Regarding micro bubbles…no idea why, but I’ve seen them as well when I fill up a tank for the first time and get it running. Don’t worry about it.

  21. Three days late, but I really appreciate your response! As of right now, my tank, heater and stock pump are running, with ten pounds of live sand and a bit less than ten pounds of “life” rock.

  22. Usually for a small tank you won’t need a protein skimmer and there are some pros and cons to used tanks, first time pros: they are usually cheaper and can be easier to find. As for the cons sometimes they need repairs or don’t come with everything you need to start a tank. So it can really be a gamble.

  23. You could do either way. An established tank would be nice to start out with being that it's cycled & hopefully would have decent water parameters & nice fish. I guess maybe transporting it could be an issue. You could start from scratch if you have a setup in mind & wanna do your own thing. Protein skimmers are very useful in saltwater setups

  24. thanks for the tips!! I’ll look into protein skimmers, can’t be too safe!

  25. Yep good luck with everything. Sounds like you're doing a good job researching 👍

  26. Don’t force anything, just allow your breath to flow. Let your body breathe at whatever pace and however it wants to. I think if you let yourself just go into “relaxed observer” mode, you’ll be able to find a way to be still and silent in a calm way. You’re already winning in just having a meditation practice. If you just remove expectations, your intuition can guide you how to approach the practice to be the best for you.

  27. This is great advice, thanks a lot for your input. when i focus on my breath it becomes “manual,” and then i always get this feeling that it’s always going to be that way and I know it’s super silly. But this causes my mind to go round and round about my breath. Should I still be focusing on my breath and just work on being less attached to the thoughts associated with it?

  28. I don’t think the focus on the breath is helpful right at this moment. Maybe down the road you will have a shift where you enjoy focusing on it, but for now it seems to give you stress. I think it might help for you to focus on relaxing your body. Lay down instead of sitting. You can listen to a body scan guided meditation to help with this. Relaxing the body one part at a time. If you encounter any audio cues for the breath just to continue breathing without trying to keep up with the guide. You really do know what’s the best way for you, just be calm and allow it to come to you. You’re gonna be great 😊🤍

  29. thanks a lot for your kind words :) I’m definitely going to be looking into the body scan guided meditations, I think that would really help.

  30. It takes the first person to start a legend.

  31. i'm trying to figure out in which direction you ate the taco.

  32. man im in the same boat, im still on meds tho

  33. I won my region's autocross championship on 215 BFG rival 1.5s but 225 falken azenis rt660 is also very good and cheaper. 235/245 is a bit big for the stock wheel, but if you want to buy 9" wheels the 245 I'd good

  34. good to know. I’d love to keep it as reliable and low-budget as possible while not sacrificing/improving performance

  35. You can go crazy tweaking suspension and changing parts but a little negative camber to help tire life as much as cornering improvement and high performance tires Is the most drastic thing you can do for handling.

  36. Thanks a lot for this response. I’m definitely going to be looking into increasing the negative camber. I’ve heard the front is most important. is this accurate?

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