1. What stabilizers are you using? Because from my experience, it works the best on Durock V2 stabs since the tolerances aren't too tight with the stem being really big which explains why it doesn't make it mushy on Durocks. I've tried the holee mod on plate mount stabs and C3 stabs and it just becomes mushy. TX stabs are great though since all you have to do is lube them and you won't deal with any rattle or tick problems. But in my opinion, Durock V2 modded with holee mod beats every stab since it makes the stabs also sound more dense/full/deeper/strong.

  2. I just did this for my durock stabs. But I think I may have overlubed my left stab of my spacebar. And one side now sounds quieter than the other. Any tips lol

  3. The only way the fix that is to remove some lube on the left side of your stabilizer by getting a toothpick and picking out bits of lube. All though, if you play video games, the left side of your spacebar should even out with your right. Or you can just spam the left side of your spacebar until it evens out with the right side. All though, if I were you, I'd probably just leave it because having a buttery spacebar for the left side to play video games feels nice.

  4. Did you rest up in that week since that Tuesday or were you playing still?

  5. Since that tuesday I played volleyball everyday up until thursday.

  6. That's probably why. You need to rest up or your CNS would get fried and your vert drops as a result. Rest up for a few days and test your vert again.

  7. Well, why should people invite you ? It cannot be because you are lonely and need attention. What are they going to get out of doing so ? Typically, people look for somebody who is confident, fun, interesting to be around, or adds some kind of positive energy or positive vibes. They deduce it from the way you act and carry yourself around them. There are verbal and nonverbal cues that you give off that show you are anxious, unconfident, worrying, overthinking, etc. and they subconsciously deduce you are not that positive person they want to hang out with. For example, being overly quiet and not participating or contributing in past social interactions you had with them. You need to practice putting yourself out there and talking to people in a confident manner.

  8. What should I do when I find myself in a situation where I can't contribute anything to a conversation because of not knowing anything about what they're talking about as well as inside jokes and other stories or experiences only the group knows?

  9. Why don’t you ask them to elaborate or share their knowledge/experiences/stories with you ?

  10. I want to do that but in a group setting like that, I feel like I'm interrupting or kind of ruining the momentum they have going especially things like gossip or small quarrels within the group. I actually tried asking about a small quarrel but one of the girls said "Hey (name), you didn't hear anything right?". I tried asking one of the guys what they were talking about and he was like "Oh its stupid, don't worry about it. Like if I told you now, you would think its dumb as well". That may be true but putting it like that, just makes my curiosity grow even more so I can be a part of the conversation instead of just sitting there and saying nothing. And it just starts to make me think that they don't want to explain something that everyone already knows or they just don't really care since I'm the only one that's uninformed.

  11. It may be a sign. I never get invited to anything that my friends set up. Sometimes I overhear and go, but at the end of it, everyone ends up leaving as a group and I'm usually by myself walking to my car. Other times I don't show up and people will be talking about what happened a day or two later and I'd casually nudge in with a "thanks for the invite" comment, since they're obviously including me in the conversation, meanwhile I'm trumped with a "we told you about it", even though there was really no direct invite. Maybe I'm the kind of person who needs a one-on-one talking to in order to confirm things, but nowadays it's hard to know whether or not you're wanted or unwanted.

  12. Feels weird to reply 7 years later but I feel you. A group of people at my church would plan about going hanging out and they would proceed to leave in a group afterward so I would just walk about before I make things awkward and put them on the spot to pity invite me. Anyways, I hope things are going better for you now.

  13. Great work! Have you tried any other stems in the nk cream housing?

  14. I'm using nk cream housing with halo stems right now. The sound is on the clacky side and the tactile bump is pretty noticeable.

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