1. Until further notice, all comments posted to this subreddit must contain the phrase "Greg Abbott is a little piss baby" or else they will be removed.

  2. The Black Cat, Joes Generic Bar, MOMO’s, Alpha Music… R.I.P.

  3. Because you don’t make pizza with brioche dough. Professional baker and pastry chef here.

  4. The first rule of cooking is there are no rules

  5. Wrong. Using brioche dough for pizza is a bad idea. That’s why you had issues and also why it’s not done. When people watch too many cooking shows they do dumb shit like this.

  6. I like the one that doesn’t appear in the episode I’m watching.

  7. Woah, that's me. Apologies for messing up your pic. Someone is in the background on mine as well.

  8. Not messed up at all man! They actually had event workers taking the pics and there was a line so nobody got to decide who was in the background. And Gus’ curly fries were great too.

  9. Nice design! Of course the only merchandise I buy is from the official Beto store because I know my money goes direct to the campaign. I have on occasion bought stuff from outside of campaign stores but only after I verify that it benefits a candidate I support.

  10. Same. I’ll buy bootleg merch once we get him elected Governor of Texas.

  11. Cut the man some slack over the limo. He slept on a futon until he was 35.

  12. If you don’t own a car, ask the City if Austin Utility department to remove the “transportation user fee” from your utility bill. It’s like several dollars a month. I think they also wave it if you are over 65.

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