1. And those chiongsua get the best jobs? All I can say is HAHAHA

  2. Funny thing is if Hazard was actually performing well and won the UCL there would be way less posts about him here because it would sting seeing him doing well without us.

  3. Imagine if he scared the winning goal to knock us out. That would really hurt

  4. That’s like 15% of the amount that we got when winning the CL last year

  5. For all the plaudits he gets for his goals he doesn't get enough criticism for his wastefulness

  6. He wasn’t really wasteful today. Courtois was just amazing

  7. Most of his shots were straight at Courtois, so yes he was quite wasteful today, regardless of whether or not Courtois had a brilliant game.

  8. Look at it this way. If Courtois wasn’t so brilliant, he could’ve scored or maybe even 2. Would we still be saying he’s wasteful then

  9. He should learn from Havertz and not give a fuck cos he won the fucking Champions League

  10. Does he think Chelsea fans dislike him because of his skill or something?

  11. He was very highly rated by us when he was here. Which made the way he departed hurt even more.

  12. Owen still claiming they are the best team in Europe despite losing both their biggest trophies

  13. Well, I guess they won against us twice in finals on pens so they’re clearly the best team to ever exist

  14. Their goal was offside. It wasn’t even checked.

  15. If the trade off is 3 straight FA cup finals losses for a champions league trophy I’ll take it

  16. A penalty shootout treble would be the most never unclench Liverpool moment ever.

  17. We didn’t make it to the CL final so you’ll probably be spared that agony

  18. What an absolute dickhead Chelsea fan throwing a flare before they’d won the game.

  19. Yea that was absolutely stupid. Left Ziyech waiting for it to be cleared

  20. Mason is one of the worst on the team at PKs have kante or Rudiger go before them

  21. Because I’ve watched him suck at penalties his entire career

  22. And how many times have you seen Kante or Rudiger take penalties

  23. So Chelsea flairs. Is Lukaku the least popular big signing ever made?

  24. Pretty much all our big money strikers have divided opinions from our fanbase

  25. If we have 3rd secured before the last game of the season. I propose that as a tribute, we play Azpilicueta in every position at some point during the course of the 90 minutes against Watford (he starts in goal, then goes to RB after 5 minutes, then CB after that and so on)

  26. If Alonso leaves, I propose playing him as a Striker as tribute

  27. Just hope Gabriel isn't injured and was just a resting issue. We go again next match. Still should be ours to win.

  28. If you asked me to make a list of everything that could go wrong I think this would have pretty much hit 80% of that.

  29. They are going for the CL. The slightly off brand one

  30. Top 4 is lava. Chelsea last 2 games, leicester and watford. Arsenal is newcastle and everton. Spurs is burnley and norwich. Arsenal and spurs acing the hardest cause two teams are everton and burnley will fight their all to prevent relegation. And i dont see newcastle being a walk in the park too.

  31. Who can drop the most points while staying in the top 4

  32. Was it a handball? I couldn’t catch that after seeing the replay

  33. I didn’t even catch the “push” cos I thought it was just regular contact in the box. Really soft

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