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  1. I told my therapist about my sexy roach girlfriend Ogtha and she immediately jumped out the window. AITA?

  2. Both? Teachers liked me and knew I knew what they were teaching but I never turned in any homework if I wasn't able to finish it in class.

  3. Neat little rocks you can collect and keep in your room. Not like gems, but just cool looking shapes and colors.

  4. Congratulations! No is a super powerful self help tool.

  5. Yes. I bought a more expensive pre built printer (jgaurora A5S) and had nothing but problems. They didn't even build it correctly! It is now sitting in my basement in pieces and my ender 3 has pretty well been in constant use since I bought it.

  6. I'll buy that 1 jewelry grade 3d scanner cause that shit made basically replica files for 3d printing

  7. Buy multiple 3d printers, hire some sculptors and someone to man the printers.

  8. I have covid and for a moment I wasn't sure if this story was just that weird or if I just can't comprehend what I'm reading because I'm sick.

  9. It's the covid. Don't question it. Don't look back. Just erase it from your mind.

  10. You're just saying that because you ❤️ gay romance! Heterophobe /s

  11. You would think, but it is actually the cockroach bit that got me.

  12. While I am a noob and this doesn't directly answer your question. I have used ESPN pla+ purple and light blue. The purple super glues really well and I have to lick the light blue for super glue to work at all. So I would say there are some chemical differences but I haven't had to change my printer settings between the two.

  13. Scout, I am visibly helping the team with flairs and the other classes are too slow.

  14. What is it with numbers? I have an extremely hard time remembering the order of numbers even if I repeat it over and over out loud. THERE’S ONLY TEN NUMBERS AND IM SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THE ORDER??

  15. Maybe learning roman numerals could help you? 10 should be enough. And counting on your fingers is always a viable option. Fuck anyone who says otherwise. But I usually just tap on my leg or desk when using my fingers so it isn't super obvious.

  16. Or, you know, put your big boy pants on and save/pay for your own damned toys…

  17. I can't imagine being that entitled and I could never think of doing anything like what OOP's ex did. That being said. I am not a fan of big boy pants. They get me credit cards with 24% APR. my wife brings home over 12x what I bring home. I would not hesitate to ask for a loan especially if she got something super cool that I wanted. But I would also be an adult when she told me no.

  18. In my head "putting on big boy pants" includes not buying toys you can't afford, and saving up for non-essentials instead of buying them on expensive credit.

  19. Totally fair. I would never claim to be a mature adult.

  20. I have a grey that has gone bad, the color settles to the bottom fairly quickly, and it blocks the UV light so printing fails. I could still use it, but I'd need to clean the Vat nearly daily.

  21. Give him a warning shot in the back of his head. It is only polite. If that doesn't get him, put him down.

  22. I appreciate the warning shot. Sometimes I get a bit too into killing the horde but taking damage from behind gets me to turn around to see what did it.

  23. I'm the first three as well, but I have no major trauma in my life to explain it.

  24. That you know of. Different people are more susceptible to trauma. It may not feel like trauma. OR you could just have depression, anxiety, or ADHD.

  25. People can have preferences for certain personality types without being insecure.

  26. I am super introverted. Like I only leave my house a few times a month ignoring when it is necessary. I cannot handle people like his sister. But I can still appreciate they are nice and mean well. I totally get not letting her be in her bridal party. But not wanting her in the groom's party? One of her soon to be husband's most important people? Either she is insecure or is incredibly self centered.

  27. I think OOP knows that the sister will be hanging around the husband throughout the entire day when it’s supposed to be hers and her husband’s wedding.

  28. And if she isn't in the wedding party she won't do that?

  29. so developed a mantra when i feel the boomy anger swell up it goes like this:

  30. Holy shit. I do that with my 5 year old but not myself... I need to stop pretending I'm an adult...

  31. Game ran perfectly until I brought a pet into town. Then everything went to hell.

  32. I may be wrong, but I think most people ignore sounds they think are normal background noises. Kinda like when you go someplace new you can smell that place's smells, but if somebody has been there for a while they don't notice it.

  33. I am disabled though. Got on disability for depression and anxiety. I also have ADHD and CPTSD. I am pretty sure it is a combo of the second two that makes me see, feel, know everything.

  34. And it was flooded to give their gators a place to relax.

  35. To be fair. I would be scared of a CPTSD memes subreddit

  36. Symptoms are similar, but CPTSD is childhoood PTSD. It is never pleasant.

  37. If you reset your skills it resets your feat.

  38. But like in the family they can make super powerful black holes… I wonder if they could resist an actual one in space

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