[Postgame Thread] Marshall Defeats Notre Dame 26-21

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  1. I did this the other day for a restaurant that serves good wings. I called them twice and they left it on a recording tell me to download their app. Used it once and the order was messed up because it doesn’t have that human call touch to clear everything up. Never going back to that shit hole again!

  2. Why else you think he re aggravated his back injury?

  3. It also shows which team have winning mindset and which one falls under pressure. You can't be a winner if you don't see yourself defeating anybody, anytime. Spain went there to win the game, France was trying not to lose.

  4. Imagine that Raptors team getting eliminated because they lost game 1 to us lmao same with the Bucks

  5. Yes because it’s not the right play. Jets had no timeouts you take the knee and kill clock game was over after a first down. This is exactly why it’s not the right move. 99.999% you win but you leave that chance. I don’t blame Chubb just saying it leaves the door open

  6. Yup I was laughing with my friend at the bar (Jags fan) MJD literally kneeled at the 2 against us or something instead of running it in and they won because of it. It’s just stat padding not thinking about the game

  7. Jets legen Brett Favre nods in approval

  8. Lol using both timeouts here is bitchmade as humanly possible

  9. How bad is the camera man to follow that handoff? It was blatantly obvious Danny Dimes kept that shit

  10. For me it was MXC or Takeshi’s Castle

  11. I was so excited for the season and am already deflated.

  12. Brady hasn’t even played and you’re already deflated? This season is fucked

  13. Man I was bitching last week about how they overrated Dame to make tOSU’s win look better to my dad before they even played. Feeling pretty vindicated now

  14. I appreciate a player that will go on until the wheels fall off

  15. Uncensored manga Halibel (you know, the Mind one)

  16. My first reaction was "Pornstars do meet and greets in Japan?"

  17. They do fan “appreciation” 😏

  18. Lol there was no debate. Orlando TMac was possibly as good as Kobe on offense, but no where near as good on defense.

  19. He admitted to not even trying on defense like a year or two ago and it set a tone for the rest of the team

  20. It’s the same fucking stadium but the giants charge 6$ more for beer than the Jets

  21. Cue It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia title card: Dennis gets jailed in Russia.

  22. Hopefully he brings friends and the gang solves the Russia situation

  23. I didn’t know Asuna had such nice legs and ass

  24. "And YOU can count -- on ME, waiting for YOU in the parking lot!"

  25. Well moron good for Happy Gilm- OH MY GOD

  26. You’ll get Hbox vs Axe and you’ll like it

  27. We had a top 10 defense mainly because of cliffords defensive schemes and him having isaac and Gordan around.

  28. Yup he was league worst at opp FG% at the rim the year before Clifford came to town

  29. So he dropped the combo? Goes from 15 to 1 at the end

  30. Wall bouncing and grabs reset the combo to 1 on the next hit. It’s still a true combo

  31. "I hate these filthy Neutrals, Kif Lukashenko. With enemies you know where they stand but with Neutrals, who knows? It sickens me." - Putin, probably.

  32. We’re more like Germany! Ambitious and misunderstood.” -also Putin probably

  33. Nah. We all know Rony Seikaly is the GOAT of the Orlando Magic.

  34. Forget Mike, I want to be like Seik!...aly

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