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  1. I had to scroll way too far to see this. As a cajun my mind immediately goes to this haha.

  2. I’m not even close to Cajun and it was the first thing I thought of.


  4. This may be the greatest thing I have ever seen on Reddit. 🥲

  5. If you are a new left handed shooter there is a high probability of your shots hitting to the right or low and to the right due to grip and trigger pull errors. The sights being off are the lowest probability, it’s just not that likely. Guns require very tight tolerances to run. If a gun maker can’t reliably align fixed sights they aren’t going to be around long.

  6. Screw extractors are not a thing where you are? Should be able to purchase online.

  7. Yeah, after I posted it dawned on me how small that screw really is.

  8. Trying to retell this joke (pun) on this side of the pond where we have bike lanes. It’s not working 🫤

  9. Unless that egg is cleaned, the last thing it touched was the chicken’s butt… think on.

  10. No way to tell from here, but you may want to check the case rim. I had some .308 that sat in the gauge like yours, turns out there was a tiny nick in the rim that it was getting hung up on. A couple of seconds on the bench grinder, and I was good-to-go

  11. This is seriously one of the dumbest things anyone has asked in this forum. The lack of common sense to not already know an answer is mind boggling

  12. “Scare or kill”? Nope, two things you never try to do.

  13. This is what happens when you recruit properly. A level headed professional who knows how to do his job without putting others at risk. No doubt former military with discipline and experience. His former training and deployment allowed him to join the force with years of prior training. The Police force here in the US needs a much longer training period. Giving them the opportunity to access a situation.

  14. Almost like playing rambo with a home intruder is a wild fantasy because most people will just wait until you're gone to rob you.

  15. Well, the recent trend in my state was to go out to remote trailheads where people have left their cars while hiking. Smash a few windows, grab the registrations out of the glove-boxes (and whatever you can get out of the car). Now you've got a list of addresses where probably nobody is home until evening, go rob them.

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