1. Well, yeah. You see a deer dead by the roadside, shame but ok. See a dead human, bit of a to do.

  2. Takes about 9 pounds of pressure to pull a grenade pin. Plus I open my mailbox from the back.

  3. Women like big strong guys, yep that's about it. Obviously not every woman.

  4. I just can't imagine what possess anyone to get one other than a desire to be noticed in everything they do, no matter how mundane.

  5. So you are attracted to guys or girls? You kept the micro noodle?

  6. Asking the person right next to them "can you tell that cunt there to fuck off?".

  7. They give a certain slutty look I guess, rough sex and daddy issues and all that. Bit silly though.

  8. Been a while, but i think i would smoke a ton of weed and masturbate.

  9. They must be, but do you know anyone that uses it?

  10. What even is miracle whip? And yea I’m not from America

  11. It's like salad cream, if you're english. Or a kinda vinegary mayo if you aint.

  12. I personally don't care if people do or do not say stuff like that. However, I've never heard it used as anything other than a slur.

  13. Yeah, It's one of those things, like I find certain things attractive that others don't, it's just been an awakening for me. Both movies I had this moment saying to myself 'I know that face but can't place it' and then I look up the cast and go 'nooooooo'.

  14. I see, i don't find tilda very attractive, she reminds me of david bowie too much. Cates always been beautiful though, like flawless.

  15. Come back and tell me why you got downvoted later

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