1. Most Americans what someone's sexual orientation is. We would rather you do your thing and we do our's. But apparently saying nothing is equivalent to openly attacking them in the streets... silence is violence, after all...

  2. I have a good Japanese friend and on more than one occasion he's made some offhand comments when he's seen someone from China or Korea that made me raise my eyebrows a bit. Nothing terribly horrible; just kinda makes you go "uh... Dude?"

  3. This is absolutely true. Everyone thinks that US is SUPER racist and bigoted? Go to Asia... And it's not just hating folks from different countries...ask an Okinawan what other Japanese think of them.

  4. A few years after I graduated, several football players got into some serious trouble for a hazing incident where they held down another player and forced a bunch of Oreos up his rectum. Apparently, it was just a prank that went too far. The kid was pretty seriously hurt.

  5. Buddy of mine was way luckier with the ladies than I was so if he got shot down it was no big deal so he would say some outlandish things...2 that I remember were "Nice shoes. You wanna fuck?" and "You want to get a pizza and fuck?" And when she walked away, "What's wrong? Don't like pizza?"

  6. Realistically, probably offered $3,000 to $10,000 for something worth $30,000. They gotta make money on it...

  7. I remember as a kid pumping my little arm as hard as I could to get the truckers to honk their air horn...

  8. It's not a wild strawberry, it's a mock strawberry. It's an invasive plant.

  9. I think this was the first Stephen King book I ever read. I thought it was great.

  10. When you are this insanely rich, this little bit of damage hardly matters.

  11. Give them a biology lesson about how myoglobin and hemoglobin are 2 different things.

  12. What do you call a man with no arm and no legs and is in your pool?

  13. The issue in the US isn't guns. It's crime and mental illness. If guns were outlawed right now, criminals would still have them and mentally ill people would still be mentally ill. We have criminalized mental illness in the US--if someone has has a mental health episode in this country, they are just as likely (probably more so) to go to jail than to a hospital.

  14. Nope! Not a movie... probably should have added some flair,but I'm drunk.

  15. I think they were talking about the Avatar with the blue aliens and not the last airbender

  16. No, I got it. Someone else figured it out. It was The Snorks....

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