Target profit plunges 90% as inflation-weary shoppers pull back

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. This happened to me. All my buds from my last unit were telling me they got notified and I waited for my new unit to reach out but I was on house hunting leave. I just called my new flight chief and explained my situation and she looked me up and called me back 20 minutes later.

  2. They must not have told my wife!

  3. Everyone saying you need 20 perfect IV mons for this to populate. But OP had only 77 pokedex entries and has it???? šŸ§šŸ§šŸ§

  4. If you head to Del 3 you absolutely will deploy. We're running at such a high tempo right now we've already started slotting ISTs into deployments as soon as we can get them through training.

  5. Any Cyber slots open in Del 3. Been trying to get over there.

  6. I thought under the new construct there's a central cyber Delta, but then each Delta has their own cyber contingency.

  7. Also would like to know what type of work they do.

  8. I still cannot find the 3rd pupil pack šŸ˜Ŗ

  9. When did you put on SrA? Just curious as to how your TIG translated to a line number.

  10. I have a 9000 line number and I put on SrA in July

  11. That still seems like a small number for Spc4, 3D1x2

  12. Hmmm I'm same rank and job and I see 50 billets šŸ‘€

  13. Found some office symbols online

  14. Can you see any billets listed?

  15. So I just finished the live stream on FB and I wanted to clarify something.

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