1. I have came across a girl named Robyn. Not sure if the spelling matters.

  2. I'm slightly overweight, flat-chested, have acne all over my face, wear glasses, have an ugly oblong face, not much hair on my head, and always wear modest, long-sleeve clothes. Yet, I had random male strangers flirt with me, hit on me, and ask me personal questions out of the blue several times before.

  3. About half an year ago my mom accidently gave me a cocktail thinking it was just juice

  4. A customer wanted to speak to my manager and know my name to give the store a bad review all because they asked me where to find bedsheets and I answered by pointing the aisle to him instead of walking him there.

  5. Anyone who makes any generalizations about any races or ethnicities.

  6. Try the desert SouthWest, like NM. It helped mine quite a bit, since the sun is usually out.

  7. I was born and raised in the southwestern United States. Still had SAD even back then.

  8. Having worked in retail, I've since developed a fear of children, teenagers, and elderly people.

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