1. The thing is Boris Johnson is smart he's devilishly calculated and charismatic. The fact that he still has a career is a testament to his skill.

  2. When i was your age i got into Anarchism but i was super uninformed about the subject and didn't understand the actual ideology.

  3. I was just asking if your beliefs are similar to mine

  4. Well it's either capitalism or starvation. At least capitalism has food :P

  5. Soon capitalism won’t need the working class and then we’ll be really fucked

  6. Man im not rich whatsoever but this isn’t right. That’s were I’m trying to get, I wanna make it to the league and live in Hollywood Hills one day.

  7. I mean its a joke. But like the rich hold to much money while people starve and immigrants have to hold down multiple jobs just to sustain there familys lives. Tbh you probably won't become a super rich actor.

  8. Yeah that’s true we have plenty to go around in this country. People really shouldn’t have more many than they could ever spend while someone else that lives in the same city as them is eating out of a garbage can. The rich aren’t evil or anything but it’s discouraging to see billionaires in Los Angeles and then see people sleeping under bridges. I just think we should do more to help people who really want to get out of poverty get out and not call them freeloaders for taking a 300 dollar welfare check twice a month. I don’t want to be an actor, I play football, I’ve just always thought Hollywood Hills would be an incredible place to live.

  9. Did I say I liked feudalism? Its shit. Smaller governments will in no way result in feudalism hell commies are the closest modern day thing we have to feudalism. Work to serve the state your whole life while they just barely give you enough to live

  10. Ok, then what do you want. Becuase I see very little difference in Marxism and communism what's the difference

  11. Yeah I’d rather not tell you about my daily life

  12. Yeah stop assuming shit you’ve been doing this whole argument that’s why you’re so shit at arguing. I call you an incel because that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you call me good man, like you’re faking being smart which you probably are.

  13. Bro im not trying to fake being smart i call you a good man because im trying to be polite. Personally i don't need validation from sone random internet youth because to be frank im smart i feel no need to try to convince you as much.

  14. Related to Stalinism/Russia, what’s your opinion on Russia and Stalin’s soaring popularity among the citizenry?

  15. I think there were some if very few benfits of stalinism but that in no way justifys the rest of the USSR's action.

  16. YO YO YO listen up to my new rap! I just got a freddy hat!

  17. Only a white folk be able to get this sentence and we all know that injustice.

  18. I wasn't saying he is a good president. He is an idiot, but he has his ups and downs. Like I've said, I haven't done much research on his actions, but I do know that he's handled some situations well. And considering how we aren't at war with anyone right now, he has done a few things right, which was literally all I was saying. Calm your tits.

  19. What if instead of Mauga, they release the black-haired guy from the Baptiste story. Sort of how everyone was expecting doomfist but got orisa.

  20. The short story hints at nothing, really. You could say Mauga will be Hero 31 but end up with someone else entirely different.

  21. Last time they went into the derails of abilitys lije that they were teasing baptiste. Its unlikely they tease the hero and start to hype it up without releasing it.

  22. lots of speculation that "overwatch 2" is actually an expansion. They have a lot of heroes on the boiler plate being teased (basically revealed) already. they've already revealed all their cards and lost their element of surprise for any release for the next two years basically. the only element of surprise now is releasing all at once.

  23. The alter ego that the world knows her as is: "Shrike" a mysterious mercenary.

  24. I really like it tbh i wish it whould be her main skin but for branding reasons classic skin will almost always take president. All im saying is your never gonna see her in any other outfit the basic unless its set in the past or tied to a limited time event.

  25. Ok i forgot mai and echo but thanks. If we are gonna see a pve expansion with a story i really hope we see some comics, shorts, short storys, etc about the different factions recruiting members. I think we chould see the team split to find members.

  26. We are stupid. I was waiting for college to date but... fuck me lol

  27. I swear high school relationships are the worst because no one knows what there doing.

  28. Learning experience is learning experience.

  29. I know the post has been flagged with serious, but... You dont sound very serious

  30. I really did it tho id send a picture but i don't know uf thats allowed

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