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  1. The Supreme Court has already said that devices used for the operation of a firearm fall within the the protection of the 2A. They didn’t specify whether the government has a right to limit the capacity. The US District Court for WNY struck down a limit of 7 rounds as being arbitrary but upheld a ban on greater than 10 rounds, but that was using intermediate scrutiny before the Supreme Court ruled that intermediate scrutiny isn’t to be used in 2A cases.

  2. The court didn't strike "down a limit of 7 rounds as being arbitrary" -- it struck down a line in the SAFE Act that said you could own a 10-round magazine, BUT you could only put seven in it when not at the range or a competition -- because even a law-abiding criminal with a capped magazine limit would still outgun you.

  3. It struck the line about 7 rounds in a 10 round magazine because the 7 round limit was arbitrary and had no proven reason as to how it was any safer than 10 rounds.

  4. This may come as a shock to you, but there's not only a warrant issued by a judge based on probable cause (with perjury penalties) to kick off the proceedings AND a court date with a full hearing involved in every red flag action, but the burden of proof (it's a civil action, so a "preponderance of evidence" or 50% + 1, not 99% like a criminal case) is on the accuser --not the gun owner -- to show that the gun owner shouldn't have guns. You very much so get to face your accuser and the witnesses they call, and can call your own witnesses.

  5. This may come to a shock to you: Murder is illegal. The gun owner (GO).wont murder anyone and the accusar wont lie to disarm the GO. Why? Because BOTH (GO and ACCUSAR) would suffer consequences of the law🙃. So an angry ex boyfriend (accusar) wont use a red flag to disarm his vulnerable ex girlfriend from her pistol because its illegal. The judge would neeeever rubber stamp the warrant to err on the side of caution, and the phrase "you can indict a ham sandwich" is just some fairy tale. I missed the part where the GO gets to face the accusar before she gets her self defense protection stripped from her. Can you show me? /sarcasm (

  6. Is NT even big enough to make these useful? I feel like you can walk the whole downtown in like 20 min

  7. Last time I was in Olean (Cattaraugus County) I saw Bird scooters. Googled it and saw they've had them for over a year now.

  8. Kids like this just need to be destroyed. Just like we do with dangerous dogs.

  9. I was a foster parent for many years. We actually had a 10 year old girl placed with us who acted just like that boy, very destructive and she threatened to kill our pets when we weren't looking. She lasted a month before we had to have her moved for our own protection. They moved her to another foster home. I am guessing she did not last long there either. We were the 2nd home in several months already.

  10. You mean the group homes that don't bother treating mental illness, are far worse for children emotionally and mentally than a home placement while costing 7-10x more, and are breeding grounds for sexual assault?

  11. There's a bill that's aimed making used converters harder to sell to scrap yards. Call Gov. Hochul's office and tell her to sign the damn thing.

  12. Got a bill number? I only see some sitting in committee (where they'll die in three months because the Legislature only works until June).

  13. It's fake -- these people aren't smart enough to wear masks to raid the Capitol, let alone go to Subway...

  14. The whole point was he can open carry guns but not enter the store without a mask.

  15. They don't really exist anymore. All of the supplies were removed decades ago, so you might survive for a few days but you'll die of dehydration before you get dysentery, starve to death, or turn into a feral ghoul...

  16. When they cleared out the DC shelters in the 1970s and sent them to Bangladesh and Guatemala after natural disasters, the observers there used the phrase "severe digestive distress" in their reports.

  17. What are you talking about? There are many federal laws that are universal across states. Sure they would need more specific state training but a lot of the stuff is the same across states especially when it comes to the way you deal with citizens which is the bigger problem. Also cops already go from one state to another without being required to know the differences in the laws and aren't even required to get the laws correct.

  18. You grossly underestimate the differences in legal procedures and laws between states. There's states where trial by combat is still legal. Shit, not every state even bases its laws off English Common Law (Louisiana uses French Civil Law, set up by Napoleon).

  19. The problem is local police forces centered around municipalities and counties. The best thing we can do is set up federal police academies, with federal regulations regarding policing that involve a check and balance. Train them federally (federal dollars means sending them to better schooling - cops don't get trained beyond the police academies because $$$), hand them off to states - but keep them accountable at a federal level. That would require a constitutional amendment, and is fantasy in America. But that's similar to how Germany does it.

  20. Your federal academies and rules would get shot down as unconstitutional so fast it would make your head spin.

  21. Exactly — they’re in Rochester. It’s like trying to get a good spiedie west of Owego, or a beef on weck south of Olean…

  22. Yeah, I only have mec gars and the mags it came with though. I'm gonna buy a Wilson combat 10 rounder and see if that works better.

  23. WC 7-rounders are what you want. Only girlie-girls with their effeminate 9mm’s need more than seven shots in their 45 AARP…

  24. While all of that is true, there's one thing I'll point out.

  25. "Reparations" is a dog whistle intentionally comparing not getting a pistol permit to chattel slavery. They can fuck right off with that insinuation.

  26. “Crap” meaning over $3 million annually for 10-20 years depending on the deal’s terms, then $9 million annually thereafter (not adjusting for inflation or property value increases)… as opposed to literally zero.

  27. I wish I could look at millions of dollars and say “eh, it’s ONLY $3 million…”

  28. Me thinking food poisoning is the worst pain ever :sweat:

  29. Solanine poisoning is fun... and I don't mean day at the theme park fun, I mean shoving shards of broken glass up your ass and sitting in a tub of Tabasco sauce fun...

  30. You are aware that some areas have excess power due to solar? With batteries, it’s not too far away where many areas could be run from a very significant fraction of power coming from solar.

  31. So use the excess power for desalination or making hydrogen for fuel cells. Even if the latter is inefficient, it’s still better than “wasting” the free sunshine.

  32. He’s been sued countless times and always gets away with it. I doubt this trial will be the one that gets him

  33. How about the $50 million he had to pay NY state for Trump University?

  34. Get whole new cable and replace at the connection point. Every single connection is a loss of quality. However on a budget and with some audio quality loss you can just fix this cable.

  35. It's a 50-cent and 10-minute fix if OP just gets a replacement connector -- unless they're desperate for the extra six inches.

  36. I would just take the bus in -20 weather, not that we get that all that often here, anyways, truth be told.

  37. That only works if there's a bus that goes where you're going (in my case, there wasn't a bus at 2 a.m. after my second shift job).

  38. I was literally one of three people at my job at 2 a.m. Nobody was running a bus for us -- it would be a giant waste of fuel, wear and tear, and salary for NFTA (there's no buses to the office I had at the time during the daytime either). I'm not saying to roll up the bike lanes, Mr. Strawman, I'm just pointing out that running buses everywhere won't be feasible in some circumstances.

  39. So, how come they don't just stop taxing citizens, and just tax businesses and corporations?

  40. Short of the Space Force, they're the least likely to actually use a hand weapon -- but they still want to have a sword to appeal to the 17-year-olds being recruited -- so it's natural they'd love the most impractical

  41. Just rationalizing the fear that protects their fragile egos that always fall to one punch. Maybe one day when your older your realize the weakest people are the scariest.

  42. Fine. Drive down there and start swinging and see how well it goes for you...

  43. Sounds like you be buyin all the terroristic fear they be sellin. I’m from that ilk, I am from a southern family full of gun owning nazis, luckily their ways drove me here. They are all talk, they are wrapped in trauma, their bluster will not stand to a health fist based rebuke. Always punch Nazis, you are protected.

  44. Meanwhile Hochul gifts 600 Million of taxpayers dollars to one of her campaign contributors (70k - not a small contribution) for Covid tests 3x the cost of the closest competitor and no one bats an eye. Over 50% of the NYS Covid tests are from a hochul campaign contributing company that charges $15 per test after a 600 million bulk buy discount. Allegedly copied signatures for the Independence Party done by people not connected to Zelden is a Non issue but it’s constantly in the news. Meanwhile blatant corruption occurs under the current governor but no one bats an eye.

  45. This is clearly a non issue compared to actual 600 million dollar corruption by Hochul. It wasn’t him or his staff that photocopied Independence Party signatures, even if he was involved, getting your name on a ballot is not corruption. NY dems waste billions of taxpayers money on their buddies and then complain the republicans are somehow the criminals. Hochul also is spending billions on the bills stadium expansion utilizing her husbands company, clearly a conflict of interest and hand out to herself.

  46. Republican against election fraud having proven election fraud committed in his name? (seriously, you can go to Albany and look at the photocopies if you want).

  47. Was that regular price back then or a sale? Thanks

  48. Damn i love cats, damn i hate when animals get abused for sh!tty war propaganda.

  49. Aww, you Ruskie trolls are having a lovefest… it’s almost as adorable as a Javelin launch…

  50. The Venn diagram of people spouting chemtrail and vaccine conspiracy theories and people crapping on anything involving Ukraine is pretty much a circle.

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