1. I know it feels really s ary right now, but just let whoever took it come to you. If there's enough people in the house, then maybe they think it belongs to someone else and not you? Yes it's a dildo, but it's also not the kinkiest type of toy that you coulda had. Whoever comes to ask you, just have a calm discussion with them about it

  2. There's a lot that goes into it, and the pressure to do the same things friends are doesn't help at all either. You just have to learn to listen to yourself and your emotions and just follow whatever feels right for you. It's a long journey even after you come out, if you decide to. Just don't let your interactions be driven be the thoughts of what people feel you're supposed to be doing

  3. For sure, it's always tricky so just let yourself experience what you feel naturally and don't stifle your feelings one way or another

  4. Yeah you don't really have to if you don't want to. If you did wanna try something I would suggest trimming first. You can just cut off a bit with scissors

  5. May not have too much luck hiding the bulge tbh. Once it starts showing it kinda does that the rest of our life. Boxer briefs or trunks are pretty good underwear though. Still tight enough that they help hold it down some

  6. Either tuck it up into your waistband or try pointing it over to the side. Maybe keeping a sweater with can help too

  7. I'd say it's better trim if you really want to try it

  8. Definitely can be normal, but taking longer can be more enjoyable too. Edging for example

  9. Sexuality can be very tough to work out because of all the social pressures that come with dating and liking someone in general. Just be kind to yourself and let yourself explore all aspects of your attraction. There's no reason to label yourself if you're not sure

  10. No need to feel embarrassed about doing it at all. It's just human nature to get curious about how it works and enjoy the sensation

  11. Well either way, no they can't tell you do it by looking at your hands or down there

  12. You don't have to trim or shave at all. It's your body so you can let it look however you want. Shaving/trimming is mostly talked about because people find it embarrassing/dirty to have long pubes. It's really not tho

  13. Shaving does that, and even more when the hair starts growing back because it's all prickly

  14. It'll just be momentarily, might feel embarrassing but happens to most everyone. Bright side, your voice is changing so that's something to be excited about, a lot of boys here wish there's was changing

  15. Yeah, I get what ya mean. That can happen for sure yeah. Is it the same for you?

  16. Yeah, true. It could just be where you're at so far and get fuller later

  17. You’ll probably go through the changes at the same/similar speed as your dad. It’s in your genes

  18. idk i started puberty when i was 10 and nothing has really happened in a year

  19. Puberty slows and speeds up as you go through it, so sometimes their are lull years in between when you don't see a lot of change, but that doesn't mean it's stopped. Especially at your age

  20. You're way young to have to worry about any of this. Uour body will develop and do all of it on its own timeline, so you just have to be patient with it. Good things will come

  21. May just be some subconscious anxiety about thinking it's wrong or immoral to be nude and touch anything in your pubic region because it relates to sex and that's bad. It's nit though, it's you're own body and it's just a part of human nature. It's how we grow and evolve and we all go through it

  22. Other parts of your body being at stage 4 (pubic hair most likely) doesn't necessarily mean your penis is at that stage quite yet. Think of all the different aspects of your body that are growing and changing right now as sliding scales each on their own line. They all move individually at different rates so they don't all grow together at the same pace. There may still be a possibility for it to grow and thicken for you, so just gotta be patient to see how it turns out

  23. Nothing wrong with your post and being excited about the update, nor that you're able to shoot more when you orgasm now. It's all part of life and sexuality my guy, enjoy getting to explore the nature of your body and all. The more in tune and familiar you are with it and the more you try learning about different stuff the better it will be for the way you see/treat sex related issues in the future

  24. The "fapping" noise is just a sort of caricature of masturbating because it's meant to resemble the sound your hand would make if your penis was wet with saliva or some sort of lubricant while you do it. So unless you're doing it in that manner, there won't really be that "fap" sound

  25. mostly that isn’t available due to these 3 bitches keep on fighting so i just get changed in the mid

  26. At some point, you just have to accept that boys, especially at your age, are going to be making fun of stuff just because they can. Try not to take it too personally because none of what they're saying is factual to your being. They're just being dumb boys

  27. Literally nothing, i promise. Think of it like snowflakes, there's so many various ways it can look so it's never going to look the same as someone else's. So long as you're content with your size and shape, that's what mattera

  28. You may not see many, but there's is definitely a lot of guys with phimosis as well. Promise. You're not the only guy with a penis like that

  29. Nah no need to worry about that, especially if there was soap in there

  30. It can grow at different rates for everyone so it's okay. Yeah the itching is definitely from getting more hair growth right now

  31. Nothing wrong at all, you're still early on in puberty. Hair growth happens much quicker than physical growth can. Just gotta be patient

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