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  1. I had two clumps of bamboo in backyard it's strong, their jaw strength must be way up there to munch it with such ease.

  2. Well, X100 was designed to look like a retro rangefinder, and I like the rangefinder look, bought the original in silver when it came out, now also own a X100V in silver. IMHO black X100V looks like a Leica Q2, which is a compliment not a diss, and yes I thought about buying it in black, in the end silver had greater emotional connection.

  3. Keep it coming, er, I mean post more clips.

  4. RA priest: This water will protect you when you rape and pillage.

  5. Man that was an expensive oops, he'll blame the wife/ex-wife/girlfriend somehow.

  6. Ah, that new camera smell, so enticing.

  7. I wanted to capture the depth of the landscape at the golden hour using the natural gradient of the mountains. I felt the way the mountains fade into infinity very interesting. I want to know whether the image is too abstract or does it feel empty?

  8. Nailed it, sure every sunset image can be better if exposed ten seconds before or after because of ever changing tones in the sky, this image is pretty good for the amount of clouds present.

  9. Has anyone ever tried to analyse why street photography looks so good in black and white? There’s neither rhyme nor reason as far as I can fathom, and yet it just does.

  10. My 2 cents: color is distracting in street photography, where as the impact of contrasting black to white and gray tones in-between that B&W images have.

  11. #1 try cropping to level building, pretty good second version, add grain in post.

  12. #3 give me a strange dead end vibe. #1 just an idea, create lone abstract subject, try cropping tube on the left, maybe add grain.

  13. IMHO 3 and 4 are best of set, good location for experimenting with angles, try with black pro mist type filter might get interesting look.

  14. Nice capture and B&W rendition, Black Mist filter?

  15. I used to then sold house 3/3/pool on 1.4 acre with endless indoor and outdoor chores, specially during brutal summer, now I got plenty of energy and time to get out and enjoy Florida, and acquired a good amount of pocket change. One of my brothers had the right idea, 2nd floor condo, now in condo with 2 floors with small concrete backyard.

  16. Epic number of WTF’s were uttered on the ferry.

  17. CC Set Dynamic Range to DR400 try again, move the drape so the window frame is sharp edged.

  18. Literally would be cheaper to get a AAA membership and pretend to break down on that section of highway that’s over the track, and then spend the hour or two waiting for a tow watching the race. Fuck for that price you could buy a cheap car and won’t even have to fake the breakdown

  19. Thanks for the input! I too live in the PNW, so I relate to your low light comments. 🌲🌲🌲 But i will say that my newer X100V handles low light better than my oldet 6D. But if i were to upgrade to something like an R6, I wonder how the low light capability would match up with something like a X-T4?

  20. Go to this site, select ranking, camera sensor and select the brands you want to compare, go through list find the one you're interested in/own and select "compare" on right side of columns, compare box that gets generated near top of page. Yes it's very technical, opinions on this board should not be your primary source of decision making. doxmark dot com Hope this helps.

  21. When seen from top of Palisades in Weehawken New Jersey, this super skinny is shorter then the other really tall super skinny nearby, both rise above shorter buildings, their thinest stands out.

  22. This is general statement, not about this installation, which is nicely fabricated. I always worry about exposed positive terminals getting shorted. Shrink-wrap the lugs, yet the stud is sticking out, if a bicycle wheel spokes were to touch the pos and neg the short will melt spoke and may cause damage to inverter/regulator/solar controller/phone chargers.

  23. DF paid dearly for reckless driving.

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