Friend Code Megathread - Spring/Summer 2021

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  1. Gel polish only works with a buffed stamper and even then it often “smushes” onto the nail giving you a smudged stamp vs a clean one. Shemodern sticky stamping polish is currently the best product for stamping as it “guarantees” a great pickup without having to rush like a lunatic to get it onto your nail.

  2. So sorry, I feel your pain. We really need an exchange system so moments like these sting a bit less. I play another game with gatcha items… duplicates earn you points that you can exchange for exclusive items that you can only acquire with those points.

  3. Me too! I sent them feedback asking to make the gift+ available for purchase.

  4. There are so many times I teeter back and forth between two items… would LOVE to be able to choose two.

  5. Heya! I'm looking for gifting buddies who want to exchange gifts regularly. I have a bunch of gift+ items and would love to both send and receive them. I login multiple times a day and help with watering, the quarry, and event sharing. (Native fruit are lemons, btw.)

  6. Sent f/r, I’m Catalina :) daily player, lvl 246, have tons of gifts

  7. Sent f/r, I’m Catalina :) daily player, lvl 246, have tons of gifts

  8. Go to SHOP and search for Glow Recipe. That's how I was able to find it.

  9. I have five free bags. Pm me your name & email, please

  10. I have a lot of +gifts. Looking for someone to trade with and I also help out with anything needed regularly. Friend code 0616 5616 865

  11. Sent f/r (Catalina), level 218 daily player with 48 +gifts to trade. I always return same or equivalent gift.

  12. Sent f/r (Catalina) I’m a level 218 daily player with over 200 gifts and 48 gift+ I always return same or equipment gift

  13. hi! i’m looking for active friends who help during events and shovel strike! 17879270276

  14. Looking for someone to specifically send gifts back and forth to! Whenever I get the plus gifts (the ones that guarantee a fortune cookie) none of my friends will send one back to me and I get nothing. So I’m hoping to find someone I can count on and we can help each other out!

  15. Added, I’m Catalina :) I have +gifts, feel free to DM me to coordinate etc

  16. Hi friends! I am here for all of your bug sharing, quarry entering, flower watering needs. I sell 🍋, craft materials and never give you the wrong type of bug during a garden event. I just cleared out a bunch of inactive players... add me! 66494291697

  17. They only fulfill them if they are leaving and you haven't done the requests yet. So you don't lose anything, you just gain materials. So just make sure to complete the requests before the 3 hours is up.

  18. Hey, I'm Vanny! My ID is 5925 4926 437 ✨

  19. I really liked that Pur palette lol Just an FYI you can repurpose eyeshadows (especially super shimmery ones) to paint your nails with. I won’t be keeping my Boxy sub much longer either, I am on product overload and their variations have gotten out of hand (66+ this month!) so I have been looking up ways to repurpose products I receive I have no love for. Hope it helps :)

  20. kate somerville kx active concentrates bio serum 98$ retail

  21. Wish we could select our variation. I would be happy to receive this box, fingers crossed 🤞🏼

  22. I cancelled Ipsy after pausing for a couple of months and realizing I didn’t miss it. I opted out of BoxyCharm Premium Waitlist bc I really liked the first box as I thought it was a nice complement to the base sub but the second box feels redundant. I love eyeshadows but receiving 2 pallets per month would be really overwhelming for me and my collection. Also not renewing VeganCuts, when I compare it to the other boxes I receive it just falls flat. It’s mostly deluxe sizes and just doesn’t compare to the full size luxury vegan products we get from other subs...

  23. There was a thread about this a little back

  24. Thank you for this, I keep debating whether to purchase now or wait since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up. I am also thrown off by the description of these 3 brushes saying they were made for BoxyCharm, but BoxyCharm subscribers have never received these. Only the airbrush foundation brush was included in September 2018’s box.

  25. You only got to stay at $10 if you get yearly subscription which you have to pay for the whole year up front. To me $2 increase is not big deal especially since we get to choose a product and they are raising value from at least $40 to at least $50 .

  26. You explained it better than they did... didn’t know about these changes, definitely something to keep in mind. Thank you.

  27. I paused to see what BoxyCharm’s new premium box is all about. I have too many subs atm and I need to start pairing down, I am drowning in product 🙈

  28. Also (I may be in the minority here) but I am not a fan of the monthly bags and I didn’t really like that Betty Boop theme.

  29. Aww I wasn’t sure if I would hear back from you so I bought from someone yesterday for $25 shipped, sorry 💛

  30. Oh, no! I was gonna give it to you at cost, plus shipping! Glad you got one, either way.

  31. Aww that’s so very nice of you 🤗 I have no doubt you can get $25 for it, I bought from a FB group and there were others commenting wanting to buy.

  32. I have my sights set on the Foreo Iris so I’m crossing my fingers for a nice GWP offer so I can take the plunge.

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