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  1. Paint the walls an eggplant color if the room is otherwise light enough. Then get a simple one color mat with no fringe. Lean into the tile. It’s beautiful.

  2. Signing Trea Turner would be cool, for a lot of reasons, but he's from the city in FL I live in (Boynton Beach) so I'm rooting for it to happen lol.

  3. He keeps saying he doesn’t want to stay on the west coast if he leaves the Dodgers. I guess the west coast games are on way too late for his family to watch and that sucks.

  4. I know this is totally random and off topic but I just wanted to say that after working out today im my local gym, I got locked in the changing room.

  5. How did you get locked in? That seems like a huge liability. You should absolutely not pay for that

  6. Mine too. I hope they give him a job when he’s done playing.

  7. I’m in a state that no one can decide whether it’s Midwest or South, and I’ve never heard of baked corn.

  8. seriously! are we gonna hold a ruptured testicle against the man?? I've been a mitch fan since he came up, I'm intrigued at this possible signing

  9. Okay but really don’t take him away from us please. Unless the Angels really try to get him. Then empty the coffers.

  10. we can at least agree on that. fuck the angels! also, Oakland used to be my AL team but ownership is really a joke and I gave up. Seattle is my new AL team. I love it up there.

  11. Dodgers are my NL team, but it helps that I live in Tulsa and get to see the Drillers pretty regularly.

  12. I’ll die on this hill man, Wink was hurt. He’s a marble rolling up hill speed wise but can get on base and can hit when healthy. And him getting back to full health and performing will fix any clubhouse fractures. We are dunking on him way too quick.

  13. I fully agree. Even with his weaker performance this year he still got on base more than about anyone else. Getting rid of him feels duuuuumb.

  14. Also, coworkers get frustrated with one another all the time and I think that because we idolize these guys we forget that’s all they essentially are to each other. With his life factors last year with his baby and that drama, dealing with the trade and being hurt every single day probably factored in him being grouchy. Maybe I’m coping but I’m expecting him to bounce back, play 120+ games and hopefully have an OPS closer to the .875+ that he averaged outside of last year.

  15. I don’t think he will be peak Winker, but I do think he’s worth keeping. If this was his worst season, I don’t ever want to get rid of him.

  16. I thought life was complete when they put out REAL Oreos. And Double stuff!! Omg!

  17. I miss uh-oh Oreos, but they were fully discontinued. I’m still mad.

  18. I don’t follow what he’s talking about. Thus my short responses

  19. This one is even harder because he isn’t an actor, he’s a director

  20. Ok but what song would you guys blast to distract walkers?

  21. Can someone answer how many spin-offs has this show created?

  22. Fear the Walking Dead, The World Beyond, Dead City, Rick and Michonne, Darryl Dixon,

  23. Julio finishing 7th is nice too! Lots of good things in the future for both teams! I hope Rutschman is an Oriole great by the end of his career

  24. Knew that one was coming. Kyle had burnt a lot of bridges in Seattle especially with that last demotion and a contending team doesn't have time for him to maybe be healthy eventually to be a 4th OF.

  25. I don’t think he’s here to stay. I think this was just a move to get rid of Lewis.

  26. Why tho? Not like Lewis cost much and he could have easily been a sweetener on a trade package at the deadline or something.

  27. I don’t think Lewis is worth much in a trade anymore. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.

  28. I loved the ending to the Good Place, the finale really got me thinking for some time after it aired.

  29. that's how it'll end, Rick will drop out of a helicopter upon discovering what happened to Judith and then just shoot Pamela without any introduction at all

  30. Followed by Rick and Michonne who will say "you're walkin' dead, Pamela" and then grimes all over the place

  31. I’m actually okay with this.

  32. Mariners fan here: Swanson is incredible, and unlike a lot of bullpen arms, he’s consistent season to season. He’s also a team player and I think he will fit your dynamic well. Rooting for his success in Toronto. We’re going to miss him a lot.

  33. Why did Swanson only have one appearance in the playoffs?

  34. What the heck is smart water anyway? The commercials sure don't elaborate on what makes it smart.

  35. I think it means you can operate it from your phone through Bluetooth or wifi.

  36. Alternate alternate take: Get a ring. My wife is very simple when it comes to style and never wears much jewelry but she loved the ring I got her when we got engaged. It means a lot, believe me. Look into lab grown diamonds if you need to save some money. They're 100% real but much less expensive. Good luck!!!

  37. Or moissanite, which is almost as hard as diamonds and refracts light like crazy. They’re way prettier.

  38. Just run a 6 man rotation. Kirby and Gilbert will probably both still need to be managed some and our health at SP was pretty lucky and unlikely to be replicated next season.

  39. That’s why we should keep Flex for now and add Hancock mid-season. We can get more for Flex closer to the trade deadline when fewer pitchers are available. Plus I love him.

  40. I like the idea of a D.C spin-off with Dianne and Marissa.

  41. I adore him, but save that budget for elsewhere right now. You have Outman waiting in the wings ready to smash.

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