1. Many people on The Dumpster Fire suggested Tree do Hell’s Kitchen, so that’s a possibility

  2. Only other one I can recognize is “Oh no…there’s a man down” from Madden 96

  3. Yeeeah, they were never gonna win this. aTm not even coming close to covering was pretty shocking, though.

  4. Context: FTX has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. While nothing has been done with the arena yet, Miami officials said they plan to take legal action soon.

  5. FYI: I’m still using the Squid Game format for the World Series. Last time I will use it, I promise.

  6. Seriously, Philly, what the hell was that?

  7. is it over? I thought there was at least one more game

  8. Oh there is. But frankly, I don’t see them getting out of this one.

  9. 6-6 at the end of regulation. This is the one

  10. If the Union win on Sunday, there’s gotta be an update to this

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