1. If it works for you, it works for you. I bought a Tacticon on a friend's suggestion, and liked it so much that I bought a second. I previously was using a Tactical Tailor inner/outer belt setup, and while the quality was there, it just wasn't serving my purposes.

  2. This is going to seem like 100% generalization, but having owned numerous knives from both brands, it's my experience:

  3. Beat me to it. Not sure how they are now, but back after Sandy Hook, they were claiming paid-for items to suddenly be out of stock, would cancel your order, and then as if by magic, those items would miraculously be back in stock at double or triple the price.

  4. Definitely looks like a flecktarn utopia. Six months from now, maybe not so much.

  5. If your intention is that this will be the first of (potentially) many rifles in your life, this is a great opportunity to establish what works for you and what doesn't. Buy affordable, but not cheap, and stick with components that have a proven track record for reliability. EVen if you have to start out with lower-end parts, pay attention to how that Radian charging handle affects your mechanics vs. the original style. Same with light placement, or that Magpul AFG or whatever else.

  6. A lot depends on if you intend to stay put and weather whatever storms arise (bugging in) or if you are going to bug out and head for greener pastures, the latter meaning your ability to take supplies with you will be finite. Depending on the nature of the disaster, you may not have much choice. Of course, if you don't have anyplace better to go than where you're starting from, that may be a bad idea.

  7. There will be no "after" this time around. Always winter and never Christmas.

  8. You should do no such thing. The vest is basically the best thing about this, unless you're going swimming in a tar pit to stay warm, in which case the rest of it might be a useful pattern.

  9. I have a loaded P320 21-rounder in a Taco LT and it seems plenty secure, but I only got it recently and can't comment on how it would hold up over time.

  10. If things are so bad that an invading military force is facing resistance only from armed civilians, then no, guns are not going to save those civilians. But skilled civilians augmenting a defending military force are a force multiplier. Of course, if the civilians view the defending military force as invaders , then that premise is of course right out the window. It's also heavily dependent on what military opposition (foreign or domestic) is trying to achieve, which is where a scenario like Russia invading Ukraine is either spot on or utterly implausible. Are infrastructure and resources being left intact when and where possible, or is destruction of resistance prioritized to the level of a scorched Earth approach?

  11. Nobody is saying they wouldn't get shot or rounded up, but armed civilians at least have a means of fighting back in the short term. Sure, if some Wagner Group mercenaries show up with orders to shoot anything that moves, the most those civilians can hope for is to take a few Russians down before the end. But if it's a rag-tag group of untrained conscripts, the civilians may be the more effective fighting force, when adequately armed. Replace their guns with kitchen utensils and sharp sticks, and they're not doing much good.

  12. What are you planning to do while wearing said jacket? Which is more likely, rain/sleet or snow? I always lean towards proper layers with the outer layer handling wind and water resistance, but if you mean REALLY cold, then you need something with decent insulation.

  13. Cheapest one you can find at the PX? Really depends on how long you want it to remain intact beyond the immediate training.

  14. A strange thought: Americans are so uppity about their gunrights.

  15. They probably carry parasites or STDs contracted from carnal knowledge of livestock, too, but the RPG thing sort of gets them a pass.

  16. I have CCWSafe. At the time I signed up, they were the only provider to have actually defended a client in court. Not sure if that's still the case, or how many since then.

  17. For putting food on the table, whatever will take down your protein source of choice is fine. Defensively? Well, if it's an all-hands-on-deck situation where some old-timer with his equally old rifle helps the cause, that's preferable to a pointy stick, but short of perfect conditions where you can take down a bad hombre with the first shot and not die in a hail of bullets from his buddies . . . no. By my way of thinking, you give up so many advantages - or at least modern improvements that help compensate for any inadequacies as a shooter - that there's no compelling reason to go with something older that lacks those features. Not as a primary defensive firearm, anyway.

  18. don't buy from OP - you may never get it

  19. I use the SSALT with my Strike Eagle. I actually bought an Aero Precision mount to replace the SSALT, but decided that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  20. With the remaining foliage, Russian digiflora. Going prone in those fallen leaves? Bloodstained Russian digiflora, duh.

  21. Could try Sportsman's Guide. If they don't have something currently, just check back from time to time. I don't know how they are about shipping charges and speeds, as I live within driving distance of their outlet store/warehouse, but they do get in legit surplus fairly often.

  22. I don't see anything except what appears to be a parking ramp.

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