1. Judging by all the wear and tear on tbose rivets i feel like that knife has taken more of a beating than one drop. Nonetheless it should not break like that from being dropped.

  2. I actually noticed the damage on the rivets the first time I used it. It slid on the granite countertop and 2 were already scratched.

  3. The pair of kitchen sheers they sent broke as well. I sent them in for warranty about 6 months ago and still haven’t received anything back.

  4. yes and i’m stole losing tho and dropping 25-30 when i do and i’m asking what more i can do :3

  5. So you think that you should have a 100% win rate? You’re delusional.

  6. Lmao also why are you pretending to be a girl?

  7. There’s an added ramp for getting onto site

  8. I think the little ramp is huge. It was so bad trying to retake and hop on on that ledge and shoot someone who is holding default.

  9. Translate the dish you want to make into the native language and try googling that.

  10. These are the worst poll options I’ve ever seen.

  11. The lesser important factor is that it protects toxic players more than legit players, the more important factor is that streamer mode has no Counter-Feature™

  12. Lmao bro really is upset that he can’t see people’s names

  13. Hope nobody was on the swing when the other broke. That’s a nasty surprise. I’d never trust a swing again

  14. I was on it when it broke haha it was quite the shock. Glad it wasn’t my grandma though.

  15. Haha definitely. Even crazier is that she paid $100 for this swing in Tennessee while on vacation. She paid $200 dollars to get it shipped home to Arizona lol

  16. Is kewpie supposed to smell super eggy? I ordered a bottle in the mail but I live in Arizona and it sat outside and in a usps truck in ~105 degree heat so im not sure if it’s bad or it’s supposed to smell like that?

  17. Kewpie is made with fresh egg yolks, so I suspect that it sitting in the warm weather would be likely to alter the smell / taste

  18. Dang, maybe I should try to grab a bottle from an Asian market then. I’ve been too scared to try it lol

  19. Are you asc3 playing diamonds and low ascendants? That could possibly be why.

  20. I have one available in blue if interested!

  21. Imo, comms, plans, and goals win games; not match mvp’ing. i would take a teammate with good coma and map knowledge that goes 11-17 than a no comm Reyna that’s only playing for kills but can’t clutch or secure a round. (Not saying this is you)

  22. You got a pretty solid point but it's pretty much opposite for me, I rarely play duelist, usually Omen sage or jett if no one's going for duelist. I really appreciate your opinion, I do play with team always since I'm the smoker and trust me it's often me getting 3k's to secure the rounds or clutching em up. My team also get us rounds too but the enemy's somehow gets us.

  23. You will overcome brother. Unlucky streaks happen. You will bounce back. I believe in you 🙏🏻

  24. 30 win streak followed by a 30 loss streak

  25. That is a double edged sword in my opinion. It's good to kick smurfs out of low elo but it hurts people too. I've had a day where I was doing very well and then got placed in gold+ lobbies and got absolutely destroyed because I didn't belong there. I think valorant needs to work on their ranking system a bit more. I don't think the top frag on a losing team should lose rr fir example.

  26. If you’re new to valorant, this could be why. The more games you play, the more accurate your mmr will become.

  27. I started playing 3 weeks ago, just got my rank for Comp. I'm still learning but people can be so mean lol

  28. Start learning your mistakes early. People are assholes that don’t know how to communicate.

  29. No but u can just make a new account for when u wanna play with friends overseas.

  30. People will blame anyone but themselves for what went wrong. Try to com your lurks and the goal of your lurk.

  31. Losers mindset. Gg go next.

  32. I don’t think this is new

  33. You just lack the skill to play solo queue

  34. Yet you can't play without comms

  35. I never said that I can’t play without them. I definitely rarely have games where people don’t com anymore. And even if they don’t, i still com and do what I can. Most of the time no com teams are a gg go next though. But from what I’ve realized it has a lot to do with how you talk to people to get a team comming.

  36. They aren’t farming accounts to sell to hackers. They’re farming level 20 accounts and then selling them to smurfs or to people who think they deserve a higher rank.

  37. Stop queueing with lower ranked friends

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