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AITA for kicking my sister out over a photo of my husband's first wife?

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  1. It seems to be a very different dynamic than for the OG3. I imagine her daily schedule is:

  2. Did they not offer remote classes during COVID? Couldn't that be a solution for Leah now?

  3. I tried this and it was terrible. I stick to the box recipe now; food scientists know what they're doing.

  4. We had Spanish from about sixth grade (age 11) through eighth grade (age 13) and it was basically identical every year. Mostly common words and phrases.

  5. Best way to combat this? Don't buy from resellers (small exception if it's a personal friend who suddenly can't go for some reason, etc). Imagine if a bunch of bots buy these tickets for thousands of dollars...and suddenly have no one left to sell them to. Huge losses across the board...if people could actually hold off and not buy from them.

  6. NTA but I would add that this is an attitude your sister could grow out of in the future, and if she matures and understands that what she said was wrong, I don't think this is insurmountable for your relationship

  7. We have a three-bedroom (just moved in yesterday!!!!). The master is ours (obvi), and the two smaller ones are a guest room (with two twin beds) for when we host (which we do a lot) and an office (his). My office is a section of our first floor with lots of windows 😊

  8. It's amaaaazzzinggggg. Sundays used to be the bane of my weekend. Now, they're full of possibilities!! And makes Friday and Saturday even better (and Monday more tolerable lol)

  9. If it was branded you could just call it the coop. Like a hen house. But also like a co-op

  10. This is super cute. So many opportunities for branding. "hatching" a new program, "feathers" as some kind of synonym for perks, eggs for logos lol

  11. They are trying to bring Gilead vibes to Canada. Since Noah was legally in their care (via Serena's incarceration) they will probably be able to appeal to Canadian law enforcement, though that could go south with Serena testifying that they were holding her hostage (though they could of course call her crazy and also she's not a Canadian citizen, so legally very murky).

  12. 5 States still living in the stoneage?

  13. More like they WANT to live in the stone(r)age

  14. Technical liaison at a niche medical-adjacent B2B company. Mostly remote except for travel to customers and conferences.

  15. I’m going for the VIP packages. I’m going to be two months postpartum for the show and feel I deserve it lol

  16. Absolutely!! Congratulations!!!! 💖

  17. Her kid will eventually learn English in school (my native language) but that won't be till around age 8, so that means at least about 8 years+ of not really being able to talk to the child (I can do basic sentences and my vocabulary is pretty good in terms of being able to point out objects and such, but I can't hold a conversation).

  18. It sounds like your grasp of their native language would actually be quite kid-friendly, especially when they are a baby/toddler! If you all spend a lot of time together, maybe this will be a good chance for you to practice as they learn more phrases and vocab!

  19. What does it mean "if" you are verified and selected? I waited 3 hours in the queue and preregistered, so what else do I need to do to become verified?

  20. Is anyone else having difficulties accessing the verified fan site? I think it says you can register until Nov 9 but not sure how if the site is down?

  21. It varies wildly. Anything from nearly naked to PJs to casual wear to normal clothing (if I'm going out after). It's not even a day-to-day thing, more like hour-to-hour

  22. I interpreted it ominously as "Kody's gotta marry three more wives for me to boss around" but that's not very practical (and doesn't seem realistic) unless each of those new wives brings a significant amount of income to the family with no additional stepkids

  23. If you actually used one of these as a "personal massager" you'd destroy your genitals. These operate more like light speed meat mallets than a vibrator.

  24. If you use it at the lowest speed and don't press super hard, it's actually quite nice. Now, I can't speak for every set of genitals...

  25. Jumping on this to contribute: Hand Held Holdings

  26. Anyone else feel weird about how Meri is reacting to Janelle and Christine? What’s up with that? She’s acting like Robyn…like c&r have been coaching her on how to react. There’s no chance that the first time Robyn heard about C leaving was episode 4. No way.

  27. It's honestly kind of scary that he keeps pushing not to involve Utah. If they have a child custody agreement in one state, either parent moving to another state can come with huge issues.

  28. Lannisters. They pay their debts = karma

  29. Sending a comparison of grade-appropriate work (i.e. sample work from a kid, maybe from a previous year, who ACTUALLY earned an A) vs. their kids work would be fun too 😄

  30. I actually really love A Place In This World. I see so many people have it low on their rankings!

  31. The hard intro is just sooooooo fun!!!!

  32. Yep. She is on her A game, dealing with this irrational bozo. When he said the number of days he'd like Truely to stay at his/Robyn's home, Christine had already been pondering his ludicrous comment about having 50% custody. If he wants to play that game, pretending he wants her living equal time with him, she'd better get her own bedroom.

  33. And honestly if he does take her for some length of time, I'm sure Truely will have a great time with Sol and Ari and experiencing being part of the "golden family" for a minute. As long as they don't Cinderella her...

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