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  1. Zen is my most played Support and my second most played hero and I still don't have it. Life is pain

  2. I'm a Zen main and this meme makes me furious

  3. Maybe I’m just missing the posts but I feel like Placidusax doesn’t get the love he deserves in this sub. I managed to go into that fight spoiler free and I was absolutely blown away by how amazing it was. Best boss in the game IMO

  4. Placidusax was a good boss, with good music too. I just got quite salty when I got one shotted by spazzing laser beams from his heads

  5. At least the stereotypes aren't as bad as they are in "Punch out!". You guys remember Vodka Drunkenski from the very first "Punch out!" game? I'll let you guess what country he's from.

  6. Wait, it is? I have season of the hunt ornaments, but it looks nothing like here.

  7. Those are the Titan and Warlock ones

  8. People don't like The Summoner, but I loved it as a demon. I wondered why it wasn't featured in Eternal

  9. I love it when Shaxx reacts like this. The few times you positively stupefied him.

  10. I don't play PVP often, but it's Shaxx's reactions to stuff that makes me enjoy it more than I should

  11. Everything except Operation Crimson Hammer, which is a purchasable DLC, can be done f2p. Might take a lot of grinding, however.

  12. You can get operation crimson hammer with energy so it can be grinded (ground?) for.

  13. Oh damn I thought it was only for actual money. Nvm then

  14. The Vex are a pre-cosmic mathematical pattern that escaped into the cosmos and eventually started to evolve into organic beings (radiolaria) and eventually make increasingly advanced shells and bodies to do tasks. The Vex's goal is to bend reality itself to their original pattern to once again become the final shape of this cosmos. The Vex can create nearly perfect simulations of reality within every unit and, if they win, will create simulations of simulations in infinite and trap simulations of everyone in endless torture and hell simply because they are curious forever.

  15. I'm just wondering how they made those bodies, since they are of course, made of liquid

  16. Agreed. That said, I'd love to see some more animations for getting got than "spooky hands going 'Guess Who?'"

  17. Some unique animations based on ghost model would be nice, like being whacked with one of the clubs or axes that they sometimes wield.

  18. The way you describe it is absolutely brutal.

  19. You can kill hundreds of enemies in a game and feel nothing. But that scene broke me. It felt almost too real

  20. Of all the vaulted planets I miss D2 Mars the most. Oh Rasputin :(

  21. I'm afraid not, he's been doing this shit since 2009

  22. That's... actually kind of respectable.

  23. She is unaware up until the end when Balder tells her

  24. Light suit has a different shape and yellow lights instead of green iirc

  25. Entirely random, sadly. You'll just have to be lucky

  26. Wearing clothes increases your carry weight and fat-rolling is a death sentence against tougher bosses like this guy. He went for maximum mobility over protection but he still hasn't learned the bosses patterns and ended up panic rolling out of the arena.

  27. I remember it was a tile used often in that initial sentient event something Venom, I think. The one where you were taking down the condrix on Earth and with railjacks.

  28. Scarlet Spear. The other is Orphix Venom, which was the necramech one.

  29. My deepest condolences. I'm guessing that bosses with an end cutscene e.g. Malenia "Your strength, extraordinary" take longer to register as dead?

  30. Malenia continues talking a while after the 'DEMIGOD FELLED' screen and her remembrance is given to the player.

  31. I LOVE bosses that have dialogue during the fight, so Morgott is quite a treat for when he goes into his other phases.

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