1. TBH they should not have released this. It appears as a low quality, rush job. I don't have high hopes.

  2. Dude, its made by me not official.And I know its low quality 😂sorry for that

  3. Ok so that live sports how do you do that; been thinking of buying a plot and streaming

  4. Thanks mate. Would be glad if you can leave a like on twitter.

  5. I tried registering the fingerprint again, now its works fine

  6. same issue here, it stop to recognise even if your fingers are little sweaty

  7. This looks great! Where was this shot if I may ask? Also is the light pollution very less where you live?

  8. the light pollution is high. I was at middle of City and this was shot at midnight

  9. And night sight portrait, or it's available only on 5/4a5g?

  10. Is the pixel 4a any good at macro photography without any lenses on it because I am looking at buying a pixel 4a soon and I hope to get good macro photos from it

  11. got spigen thinfit case. couldn't find good screen guard though

  12. yep, you're not alone. What about notifications randomly getting set to "silent"? Any issues there?

  13. No issues like that. make sure you dont have bedtime mode turned on which puts the phone on DND mode automatically

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