1. I mean someone had to have paid him to do this right?

  2. She wasn’t a guest, but there was that one time Mama Ru called in just to introduce herself to Naysha.

  3. Isn’t the q a club that was allegedly racist, sexist, & transphobic?

  4. Wait it’s says viewing party for the finale 4/22

  5. Joanna Krupa could be single again soon ... because her husband wants to end their marriage.

  6. I really enjoyed what Loosey did, but if she wasn't going to be in the bottom, who would be?

  7. “Mistress put her girl in a stretch dress“

  8. Wait that transition with mistress threw me off LMFAOO

  9. Am I the only one that didn’t like mistress’ mug for her teacher?

  10. Anetra’s teacher looks so much like Josie Totah

  11. As long as Butch Hartman isn’t involved I’m all for it tbh

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