1. I fucking hate dyche. I fucking hate maupay. I hope they get right royally rogered in the league this season

  2. Neal fucking maupay getting another laugh on us.

  3. Why does Neal fucking maupay have the last laugh with us?

  4. There's no similarity. In fact they're the opposite sides.

  5. No a hedge fund had shorted the stock and started spreading negative news about the company to make the share fall.

  6. Wanted trossard to start over nelli (so that he could rest a little) ngl.

  7. Arsenal around 09 is the most entertaining team by far. Beautiful passing, great attack and no defense. We can be up 2 goals at 85 minutes and still worried about not getting 3 points.

  8. You don't know sphincter clenching fear until you've been part of those teams' fanbase really.

  9. Honest and serious question here: I need to understand the logic of what we did here and why it was a good move by someone who understands this more then I do.

  10. Penny wise and pound foolish.

  11. finishing needs a little bit of work... but i think we have an extremely promising player on our hands.

  12. Even reuters dont know, not just me

  13. Once again... Hindenburg have no obligation to reveal how they've shorted (if at all they've shorted).

  14. The reinforcement learning ones are good

  15. No. The business and assets are very real, and very lucrative.

  16. There's something called liquidity risk and solvency risk.

  17. Even that iconic over possessive husband in Puriyaadha Pudhir... "I know".

  18. Probably never gelled along well... Kamal is a little bit of a crackpot (read eccentric) when it comes to acting... Likely he has very specific inputs on the whole movie (including acting of others)... I'd imagine it's not everyone's cup of tea...

  19. I would have loved to see Raghuvaran in place of Daniel Balaji in Vettaiyaadu Villayadu. Imagine him as that terrifying serial killer. It'd have been amazing.

  20. Imho I feel Daniel Balaji kind epitomized that particular role... To me no one else can play amudhan...amudhan was a college student... And raghuvaran was very old... Maybe they'd have changed the story from college student to actual surgeon if raghuvaran played the part i don't know...

  21. So put on adani at 2k strike?

  22. Support for poor people languishing in jails should b paid for from milord's salaries. They take summer vacation like kids and real people suffer as a result. Fine from frivolous PILs should be increases 10x too and used for the same, not to pay for milord's chai and samosa.

  23. The very fact that the thought entered the government's mind was heartwarming for me

  24. Yes, this seems like an idea out of Rijiju's book. They're going to take another stab at judicial reforms if they win in 2024.

  25. Best of luck to them i suppose

  26. Tbh I don't think they are alienating the people that would align with their cause in the first place. I think their stunts are disruptive as protests have been throughout time. Ghandi's salt March, SNCC lunch counter sit ins, VVAW medal toss, the Bonus March, all of these things inconvenienced people and ultimately shifted the conversation on their particular issue. Sure they alienated people from their cause, but they also put their views at the front of media and people's thoughts. It's uncomfortable. These people are passionate about what they believe in. I may not agree with their methods, but they are trying to tackle a pressing issue the only way they know how. Shock value does have value when it comes to protesting.

  27. I don't support them. Honestly, I'm indifferent to the whole concept. I don't think it's confirmation bias, it's an observation that their actions aren't alienating people that already support their message and methods. Ultimately they are not going to get everyone on their side. So perhaps they should do nothing at all. Maybe it would be best for them to accept that because their message won't enact major policy changes it's failed and they should just face the consequences of climate change and ultimately die like everyone else. They probably believe that their methods are indirectly pressuring policymakers to enact change. When I lived in the city I had people block the interstate or my place of work multiple times adversely impacting my job. I was uncomfortable and tried to compensate through a variety of methods when I saw the protests were planned. It's documented through sources that people in the past thought all the protests I listed were being held by morons who were just screwing everyone else over. For what it did, I'd say that it got you and many others to converse and debate about it on social media. They believe they are having an impact, and that is more important to them than you or I believing they are having a net negative impact with their methods of operation. I'd argue most climate change activists are made a mockery of by pundits and the general population no matter what methods they use. No major policy changes will be made until people in power start feeling the adverse effects of climate change and by that point, the ships took on too much water to stay afloat. Shock value is to surprise and in many cases upset people, which is what they are doing with their methods.

  28. At the moment, the exam booking system is embarrassingly unresponsive, the (online) exams themselves are a joke, students from developing countries are colluding on Telegram to pass them without the IFoA lifting a finger and the quantitative and programmatic capabilities taught in the curriculum are lacklustre at best.

  29. Always thought jorgi was a cunt... But hey .... He's our cunt now i suppose.

  30. These guys have been anti-hindu for ages. This is nothing new to us.

  31. DM me a link on the post on the scientist that got removed and I'll take a look at why it was removed.

  32. Same here - been trying for nearly 2 hours

  33. Isn't it going to open in 5 mins?

  34. Let’s ask Brighton who they would buy as a replacement if they HAD to sell, then buy him instead 🙊

  35. Lol that's not a bad idea...

  36. lol read your response. Utter BS. It seems you are eating hindenburg shit without reading any of the references provided in the report.

  37. Someone seems to be long on adani stocks... Congrats... You're the greater fool.

  38. Nope I have no investments in India. You need to tone down your assumptions. It is slippery slope :-D

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