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  1. /uj As much of a moron the pc guy is, aim assist with controllers in a comp multiplayer fps on pc sucks, and some controller players are VERY stubborn about gyro, which is pretty much the only thing that lets controllers and keyboard compete without the aim assist without controller players losing instantly

  2. I like christmas sometimes, but usually I have to see transphobic and very right leaning people in my family and that sucks a lot, but when its a smaller thing I really like it

  3. I honestly wouldn’t consider revengance in “metal gear’s plot” Kojima has said that he had no involvement and it differs from the “hideo Kojima” games, it was even removed from the official timeline iirc

  4. I consider it canon, considering it doesnt conflict with anything in the series, comes after the last mainline game, mgs4, and also is just so cool i hope it is at considered canon if any future games are made

  5. Castlevania DNA is more easier to replicate by indie developers, than Metroid DNA. That’s why modern Metroidvania it's more Castlevania clones, than Metroid ones.

  6. Nah theres still quite a few metroid ones, axiom verge 1 and 2, environmental station, xeodrifter, the genre has been decently equal in most terms

  7. I'm more a fan of MGR: Child Bearing Hips

  8. Not in japan, which is why it came out much later in japan


  10. Ultrakills coin isnt that good, the flick takes to much time you could spend shooting

  11. I'm their insurance. (I am hoarding all the prosthetics for myself) (I have 174 limbs and 2730 fingers)

  12. When you realise what happens to Loki when he turns into a girl 😨

  13. uj/ They must be using a PICO8 emulator. The original Celeste was built on that. It's actually kind of shitty to sell a product that was intended to be free.

  14. /uj I think its a repo cart, so the homebrew should be free for it, with a flashcart you can get it for free, so im hoping the charge is just for the cart, but still shitty either way

  15. Remember metroid jones, samus’ comedic relief metroid companion in the prime games?

  16. Grimmace from mcdonalds having a breakdown

  17. Has it been officially canceled or delayed or what?

  18. Delayed due to russia ukraine stuff to a future date, no news since

  19. Fallout New Vegas walked so Witcher 3 could fly

  20. Correction: Fallout New Vegas got stuck on a box trying to move so Witcher 3 could fly

  21. My 5 year old cousin calls me my preferred name, but now im scared hes gonna out me to everyone

  22. Ok but actually Pucci never was in a romantic or sexual relationship with DIO, it is clearly stated that the confident DIO needed for the heaven's plan needed to have no earthly or material desire toward him.

  23. implying giornos mom pegged dio is very funny and probably canon

  24. This is some harley quinn level stretching lmao

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