1. If you’re a book reader, I suggest buying Savannah Hauk’s first book on crossdressing. Savannah (crossdressing persona name) has talked to a lot of men who dress fem so she can give you a fuller perspective and lots of things to talk about between you and your mom.

  2. Living with Crossdressing, Savannah Hauk 2017. She also released a newer book with the same title but I haven’t gone through it yet.

  3. There there... it’s okay to cry. I’ve also had to hide my tears from almost everyone most of my life, but here on this sub reddit you can cry as much as you need to and we’ll be there give you a shoulder. Then you’ll need to rest and regain your energy for another day.

  4. It means a lot knowing this.. I won't hide my sadness anymore when I'm here with this great community

  5. :), don’t forget you can also take a walk in the park. Those trees help you out more than you know just by being in their presence. Or maybe if you know someone with a friendly dog or a cat cafe.

  6. Youtube: Girl time with Paola has a good video on buying breasts.

  7. Have you ever tried a walk in a park or to the city zoo? It’s amazing how seeing a thriving green area or group of animals works better than drugs.

  8. I always like to save money and go to thrift shops. Search online for models and how they dress, but don’t get infatuated with their body figure because a lot of it is very manipulated through photo editing. You’ve got to remember to always embrace your own unique figure and dress it up to your own preferences. Keep yourself in good health.

  9. Tell him how much you care about the friendship but also reaffirm your stance on being a femboy. You need to tell him you won’t tolerate those hurtful hurtful remarks. I think he’ll appreciate the honesty. But the decision is his to make and say.

  10. Why don’t you start the discourse? Or maybe it would be safer if a femboy ally who doesnt crossdress start it.

  11. I'm not involved in any of this so I may be entirely wrong but I think your approach is too obvious. These things need to come up naturally. If it just comes up randomly it comes off as fabricated if you know what I mean? In other words it's easy for the other to catch up to your intention which is bad if it is someone hostile. I'd like to put emphasis on the fact that I'm not involved into this entire community but I came across this and figured I'd give my two cents since barely anyone else did. If it's helpful or not is beyond me.

  12. You'll be alright dear, try and go thrifting for cheaper clothes instead of buying brand new ones! ☺️

  13. Mm, i shop just to look at the more expensive places to get ideas then I thrift shop and try to piece together what I think could work. Would love to have another girl’s fashion sense by me when I do it...

  14. If you're anywhere near LA, I'm always looking for shopping pals to go with ☺️

  15. Oh i wish i could join you guys, i’m in mexico but i’ll be visiting family around the san francisco bay

  16. Wow you are so helpful oh my goodness thank you!!!! :) and thank you for taking the time to write that!

  17. You’re welcome :). I also like to advertise my favorite brand of panties, Jockey. Feminine colors and patterns but you’ll see men still rave about the women’s panties section. Their NPLP nylon underwear is great to start with.

  18. Maybe after you get to know some people. At least in my university, I could sift through many different groups to know who I could live with. It was a big trial and error for me.

  19. Id like to move out ASAP, but until after I start college. And besides my family don’t want me here for that long anyway

  20. Hmm what an ordeal... try and come up with some test questions to find out if a person is open to a femboy in the house.

  21. In my language classes, we focus on the basic sentences while conversing about a story (he is a boy. He is in Germany. He has an apple) be creative with those basic sentences because you can still say a lot with them.

  22. If your language is Ancient Greek, or Latin, or other dead languages, then of course. You would learn so much more from time travel than by reading the few books that remain. \s

  23. Hehe, the country may also be different from the author of the material that you’re consuming in that language. It was a different time then...

  24. I dunno, I know a lot of people here are supportive of you learning it but learning a language like Japanese, or any language really, requires a LOT of time and energy. It’ll probably take you years and years just to get to a mediocre level of Japanese, and then it sounds like you’d have the same level of communication with your mom but now inverted. Honestly, if you can’t find a way to connect to the language or to the culture outside of your mom then you might not be able to power through the 5-10 years it would take to become an advanced Japanese speaker.

  25. In this case, i think the Japanese language will just be a social glue between your mom and you. Let the conversations between you and your mother guide what you think about the language.

  26. First, congratulations on coming out to your partner and having a supportive one on top of that.

  27. I met an elder man at after a school concert, told me he still has no idea what he’s doing with his life but I guess he keeps on doing whatever it is he does.

  28. Congrats! Does your friend know your size? How do they know what to pick?

  29. Makeup can be used for various things: highlighting, concealing, and extending. If we put on a lot or do it very strategically, we can make ourselves look like somebody else or something else.

  30. Ribbon? Hair band? Things in bright colors? Fluffiness? Also this isn’t particularly feminine but: smiling more and showing more compassion and understanding. Maybe this is me reacting to negative masculine stereotypes.

  31. Headbands still work with short hair, the important thing is that it highlights your hair and maybe you would shape it more “softly” curves, no spikes, other things like so

  32. Let alone a friend that is a girl I don't have many IRL "real" friends

  33. That’s a great place to start! If she doesnt know already, try to introduce the subject subtly to test the waters.

  34. In terms of clothes, i started buying intimates and wearing them when I was 28. Dressed up like a girl for halloween at 27.

  35. Absolutely do so! Boy clothes get boring really quickly. fem clothes are so amazing to wear

  36. Your parents are just being sexist/homophobic. But they can’t control you forever, you may have to hide who you are from them for now, but stay strong. They can’t change who you are, and they can’t stop you from being who you are forever.

  37. They are allies waiting to happen, but maybe they underestimate your intelligence because you’re young. Know that they also want to protect you. They haven’t grown up with as much exposure to gender fluidity as we have so they need more time and exposure to the idea to open up.

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