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  1. I never know if these comments are troll or serious… in case you’re serious, his fucking brain is splattered everywhere and there are chunks of it everywhere. Wtf do you think??

  2. The 401k still gives you significant tax savings, even if there’s no match

  3. Your employer matches your Roth IRA or will match for a 401k?

  4. My argument is that cops and military carry to the side and exterior. My gun is pointed at my balls/ thigh area…

  5. Well I turned 2k into 65k on Friday. Not 200k but still 🤷‍♂️

  6. Lol Umm you buy put before market dumps and you sell after it dumps. Voila.

  7. I fucking hate the concept of calling your spouse your “partner”. Yes they are your partner but they are more than that. You can call your girlfriend your partner, you can call your business partner your partner.

  8. Bruh yolo that shit on SPX 0DTE. I’m not even kidding. Have you seen what that shit can do? Yesterday 3970 puts went from like $.10 to $10 in like 10 minutes right before close. You could turn that 1900 into $190k in a matter of minutes

  9. Yes(?) people want racism to end but then they’re being racist themselves. Like what the fuck dude stop fight fire with fire and let’s all just stop being racist.

  10. But but didn’t you know? The only way to fight racism is to be a racist lol…remember when MLK said he wants his children to be judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin? Except now it’s flipped to white people.

  11. I’m not white and it bothers me. Hate this shit.

  12. Nah fuck that. I don’t give a fuck. I’m vaccinated. Everybody I know are vaccinated even kids and elderly folks. Get on with your fucking lives.

  13. Have you thought that maybe other people don’t like you too? You sound like those typical uber animal lovers. They’re typically horrible people to be around

  14. Would you let a child drown to save one your pets?

  15. I'm only curious - do license holders usually keep One in the chamber? Is it dangerous for you guys? Like the possibility that it may go off? And is it frowned upon by the police to have one in the chamber?

  16. At least with striker fire, it won’t go off unless there’s major equipment issues. When you load a round into the chamber the gun is only half cocked so it wouldn’t fire. When you press the trigger it fully cocks the gun a split second before it fires

  17. I’m sure glock is gonna use this incident for marketing on how accurate their pistols are.

  18. Are you in Europe? It might just not be available here.

  19. Yeah I’m in the US and I literally just finished season 5 like 10 minutes ago lol

  20. I will save you the hassle right now. I did this three years ago and was charged the exact same amount when I had it turned on again. Additionally, if you happen to be in a rental, you could be in violation of your lease and they might just start billing your landlord instead. This is $37.46 you will just have to pay.

  21. I feel like it’d be too late to do it now considering it’s already mid July. It’ll get cold by September so it’s probably only 2 months saved or $64. Columbia said online the reconnecting is $52. So you save only $12 lol

  22. I’m not white… but why the fuck is this a problem? So saying “black lives matter” or “Asian lives matter is fine” but saying “white lives matter” is racist… double standards much??

  23. This is definitely true. When you ask about hot topics such as abortion, LGBTQ, and race issues, they ban you or delete your post. Like wtf is the point of this page??

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