1. Kollector mostly, he just didn’t do much for me. Ferra Tor, I like the concept but I ended up pretty eh on them.

  2. I always thought it was bug eyes, I hope it is

  3. Yeah so it could really be anything, Crystal, compound bug eyes, who knows. I like the bug idea tho, or maybe a hybrid?

  4. Cuz it’s fun to see spawn and predator fight scorpion and sub zero mostly

  5. Both are sick, but telekinetic crystalline alien Godzilla just hits different

  6. Snapper from Beast Wars needs his own series where he’s the main protagonist.

  7. He’s been one of my top choices since the first game

  8. I assumed osh-tekk that somehow got to Earthrealm were the aztec gods!

  9. I was thinking the same thing! Wondering if Jordan peel took any inspo from 2000

  10. I’d want them to go into detail about why/how the Anguirus skeleton got to the drowned ruins. Maybe imply something about Anguirus and Godzilla species being either rivals or allies, maybe rivals THEN allies to help fight Ghidorah when he first showed up? After that introduce a new, living Anguirus? Something like that.

  11. Yeah I like to think of him this way, it just makes sense

  12. Nah, I say use whoever your favorite character is. I always go Reptile, with my secondary as Sub-Zero (unless reptile isn’t in the game) no matter how the character plays. If they’re bottom tier fukit, if they’re top tier, fukit, if they’re annoying, fukit

  13. Blue Beetle Black Manta Firestorm Red Hood Swamp Thing

  14. That’s not the pronunciation question. The real question is: “Bye-oh-lawn-tay” or “Bye-oh-lan-tea”?

  15. My older brother had a little collection Gamera and Godzilla movies alongside his anime and comics! So those are what I watched as a kid and I just never stopped

  16. Read the 60 other comments explaining it, they seem to do a good job

  17. Yeah this person does not actually want the definition of double album, they want to be mad that a double album doesn’t have to be 2 separate CDs specifically for some reason?

  18. I want the glowing eyes back so bad, or at least the white eyes from Deception. At bare minimum he should’ve had white eyes on his deception inspired skin.

  19. I think the Eye glow would be a cool effect when he is using his powers!

  20. In certain victory and I think even intro animations they do flash blue when using his power! Still not enough for me tho

  21. I want Viras and Zigra more than anything, but at least one new Kaiju would be nice

  22. It’s amazing, it has some low points, but even the worst ones have plenty of concepts and visuals that I absolutely love

  23. Still a top incarnation, I need more of this dark gritty energy in the mainstream series. We still get it in things like the Souls Winter series, Last Ronin, the image series, and Bodycount, but they’re way to far inbetween

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