1. Still had a honeycomb styled shirt, though. Nice touch.

  2. Connor is simply a joy to watch. I want he and Beatrice to run away into the future together!

  3. I keep reminding myself that this actor is the kid The 100, and i'm in disbelief every time.

  4. That's good news, but Kazakhstan is landlocked and surrounded by belligerent (to the West) governments.

  5. Kazakhstan - Caspian Sea - Georgia - Europe

  6. That's it. You figured it out! I use 4chan forum rules as the basis for the product. But tbh I'm slowly changing things to fit modern needs (e.g. having a way to persist identity across threads while still remaining anonymous).

  7. What are your ethics ? A lot of people have made social media platforms, but if it's going to let nazis (to only take one example) run amok, i'm not interested in joining.

  8. The ethics is probably going to be to have a set of global rules + board specific rules and to allow users to create their own boards (and moderate them)

  9. So you didn't actually answer the question at all. The question was what, not how.

  10. They could sure. I doubt the will but it's technically possible for one of them to go looking for Drogon, find him, claim him, and become dragonlords. If he puts out a clutch of eggs the dragons might even return for real. To take it further Gendry could claim Drogon as well

  11. He probably has more targ blood that the velaryons at this point ??

  12. Thank you for these posts. A pleasure every time. And i cannot wait for your HoTD posts. (Please ????).

  13. Because they literally said King Consort a million times in reference to Laenor. No clue why this is being contradicted now.

  14. Yes. Because fantasy doesn't have the sexist limitations of real life. (Not limited to HoTD, there's a bunch of books with king consorts).

  15. Hi Toastie ! I am 'DayDreamer' on twitter...

  16. One thing I'm wondering is why Baela girlSquired at Driftmark if Rhaena is meant to be Lady of Driftmark? Did they keep Rhaena at Dragonstone in hopes of finding her a dragon eventually?

  17. Yes but also, Rhaenys always considered Baela as her heir. That was her position, which she only updated when Viserys made his Walk to the IT. She's a smart realist as well, she was quick to sense the change and weigh her options.

  18. Corlys also made a little hum with an interesting look on his face when Rhaenyra said Daemon wouldn’t be joining them at the council, like he also knew they were on the outs. He was with Daemon in the Stepstones for four years so I don’t doubt he had a vague idea of what was going on.

  19. But that was ages ago when he was still married to his *checks notes* first wife.

  20. In Laena's case, wasn't it a breech baby? If I remember correctly, that's why it wasn't possible for her to deliver.

  21. They never said it was a breech. Also a breech birth can be delivered vaginally (been there, done that).

  22. Right. But it wasn't stated in the episode, as far as i recall. I don't go scouring for lore all over the internet (usually).

  23. I gotta agree with you on The Bells, thrilling episode, my favorite together with The Winds of Winter from the sixth season.

  24. The Bells elevated the whole series from epic fantasy to timeless tragedy.

  25. Tom Sturridge from Netflix's " The Sandman ".

  26. Someone said Henry Cavil but I’d rather him be Aegon the Conqueror tbh

  27. He's *already* playing a fantasy hero in a silver haired wig. He'd be fantastic as an older Cregan Stark, though.

  28. Yep. Just try to ride a horse without having any kind of lessons before and you will see how hard it is, to control an animal.

  29. And horses are pacific herbivores, and followers by nature...

  30. Not to mention that he is now also a Kinslayer, intended or not. Maegor the Cruel killed his nephew Aegon the Uncrowned (Jaeharys I older brother) with Balerion. And now, intended or not Aemond has now killed his nephew, who in every conceivable way was outmatched.

  31. I think she knows the greens didn't kill her father - she just didn't bother to correct Daemon's reaction/assumption. It's his way of grieving.

  32. The first episode of the season that made me cry. S2 when ? And now my watch begins.

  33. Did anyone else think the music was very reminiscent of Winds of Winter? Then when the Melys bursted through the floor, all felt very similar in the best possible way

  34. It reminded me of The Night King, actually. Same sense of dread building up.

  35. the server grew , Fort Salem is a place of witches , over the centuries , thousands of Witches pass through Fort Salem and left a bit of their energies behind . It turned into a " Server Farm " ( as you put it )

  36. It puts a whole new meaning on "Motherland : Fort Salem".

  37. Person of interest. Was consistently good from beginning to end (like breaking bad). Starts as a crime procedural before turning into sci-fi and has one of my favourite actors (michael emerson). Also had a few cameos from the series in westworld! Also made by Jonathan nolan.

  38. Oh, Kiksuya! I look forward to watching it again someday when I’ve forgotten enough of it to almost recreate the feeling of watching it for the first time.

  39. The human perks of a decaying memory...

  40. The visual effects of the dragon in this look better than any big MCU or giant 200 million blockbuster still.

  41. I was astounded while watching the ep for the first time. All i could think was "this belongs on a big screen, this is NOT television".

  42. Still don’t know the nature of Christina 5 episodes deep.

  43. You mean Aaron Stanford from Nikita ??

  44. "Stories are how we process information and make sense of big concepts."

  45. Its a bit surreal to be watching all of the final two seasons of Game of Thrones playing out in real life. A messianic tyrant launched an ill conceived invasion and after some initial set backs grows increasingly more brutal.

  46. I've seen SO MANY examples of "Power resides where men believe it resides. It's a trick. A shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow" this last week. It's astounding.

  47. How are you feeling now?

  48. Thank you for checking in. I'm still coughing, a dry cough. It's the only symptom though.

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