1. I mean you can obviously see Razork missing from the player cams.

  2. Geno crying into his VPN sponsorship with all these extra episodes he will have to make.

  3. Has to be in some form of group home or with a guardian of some sort

  4. y’know, I’m a bit of an occultist—mostly just research but I have practiced some skills—and I gotta say it’s eerie that this happened not even a week after Pluto entered Aquarius.

  5. Rep's audio going completely out during the last game, unlucky.

  6. I think he means to switch accounts between games but he’s basically a TSM stan lol

  7. The TSM fans in this sub aren't even talking about TSM as much as this dude is. Next level dick riding.

  8. Nooo, he's going negative damage Ahri. Dude really has Everfrost Banshee's with a stopwatch in inventory. I'm sure that Banshee's will have immense value against Luden's Taliyah.

  9. No, CLG have absolutely no chance to win. EG are way better and it'll probably be an easy 3-0. Maybe 3-1 if Jojo's hands become permanently paralyzed in game 2. I'm doubting them so hard right now

  10. you're right that's my bad. Easy EG 3-0. No chance CLG win this

  11. The dude that was supposed to do that one couldn't. By the time I noticed, another user had posted one so I just figured we'd use that one.

  12. Brother what is the microwave incident

  13. revisiting this thread is hilarious, people were so lukewarm in Lider

  14. Maybe she should put up better stats and stop crying in the big moments if she wants to make it in the league

  15. Actually they aren't as lower seed because they played at upper bracket, it just that they got rolled and drop out.

  16. I meant they have no chance at getting the higher seed. They will forever just be slotted into the middle of the bracket with no opportunity at a bye unless the format changes.

  17. He did great on the broadcast today! He speaks his mind really well and had great insight into the games!

  18. agreed! super well spoken, you can tell how thoughtful he is

  19. Its strange, this roster should be least hype but i really like every single member on there especially chime

  20. but really well done imo. I enjoy the long form well produced content like that.

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